2006 Women's 9 Ball EnjoyPool.com 9 Ball Championship Semifinals formerly known as the BCA Open

Jasmin Ouschan 2005 World Games Champion versus Helena Thornfeldt

Mitch Laurance and Ewa Laurance are the announcers.
The first player to 7 racks wins.
Jasmin Ouschan has the first break that Mitch calls powerful.
Jasmin Ouschan sinks the 2, 3 and 4 nicely.
The 5 was near another ball but Jasmin Ouschan set it up perfectly.
Jasmin Ouschan sinks the 7 in the corner leaving the 8 and 9.
The 8 goes in setting up the 9 in the side.
Jasmin Ouschan sinks the 9 in the side completing her run of the table.

The espn editing moves us forward to the following score:
Jasmin Ouschan 5
Helena Thornfeldt 2

We see the former US Open champion, Helena Thornfeldt making shot after shot easily except for the 9 ball which is a tough one.
Helena Thornfeldt takes her extension and then sinks the 9 ball closing to within 2 racks of jo.

Jasmin Ouschan 5
Helena Thornfeldt 3

Jasmin Ouschan lines up for the 1 even though the 6 is in the way.
Jasmin Ouschan makes the 1 in spite of the 6. Ewa Laurance remarks that Jasmin Ouschan needs some serious draw on the 5.
Jasmin Ouschan tries a safety but hits it thick.
Helena Thornfeldt comes to the table with 3 balls left.
Helena Thornfeldt makes the 6 with topspinn. The 7 goes into the corner for Helena Thornfeldt leaving the 9 as the last ball.
Helena Thornfeldt misses the 9 in the corner and Ewa Laurance notes that she was out of the stance before the cue ball left.
Jasmin Ouschan takes advantage of the mistake and sinks the 9.

Jasmin Ouschan 6
Helena Thornfeldt 3

Helena Thornfeldt takes advantage of a ball in hand to setup the 1. The 1 goes down and Ewa Laurance notes that we have a wide open table.
Helena Thornfeldt sinks the 2 and lines up the 3. Ewa Laurance notes the large number of practice strokes that Helena Thornfeldt takes before sinking the 3.
Helena Thornfeldt is able to sink the 4 in the corner. Ewa Laurance notes that the personal records of players against each other plays into the confidence factor.
Helena Thornfeldt sinks the 6 in the corner and hears applause from the crowd. The 7 goes into the side for ht.
Helena Thornfeldt makes the 8 in the corner setting up the 9.
Helena Thornfeldt sinks the 9 to win the rack.

Jasmin Ouschan 6
Helena Thornfeldt 4

Jasmin Ouschan hears loud applause before breaking.
Jasmin Ouschan leaves Helena Thornfeldt with a shot on the 1.
Helena Thornfeldt calls an extension and Mitch Laurance makes note of her smile.
Helena Thornfeldt makes the 1 and Ewa Laurance notes that she did a nice job with it. The 2 is drawn to the corner with low right.
Helena Thornfeldt makes a nice corner shot with the 3.
Helena Thornfeldt misses the 4 in the corner.
Jasmin Ouschan then misses the 4 in the corner and the crowd lets out a sigh.
Helena Thornfeldt asks for the 4 to be cleaned.
Helena Thornfeldt sinks the 4 in the corner.
Helena Thornfeldt goes on to make the rest of the balls in the rack without a miss.

Jasmin Ouschan 6
Helena Thornfeldt 5

espn notes that Jasmin Ouschan has lost 3 racks in a row.

We are now tied 6-6 after editing.

Jasmin Ouschan 6
Helena Thornfeldt 6

Jasmin Ouschan sinks the 1 on the ball in rack 13. The 2 goes in smoothly for Jasmin Ouschan leaving a nice shot on the 3.
Jasmin Ouschan makes the 3 and has a center-ball shot on the 4.
Jasmin Ouschan makes the 4 in the corner lining up things for the 5.
Jasmin Ouschan makes the 5 in the corner and then makes the 6 in the corner. The 9 ball goes in the corner for Jasmin Ouschan setting her up for the finals.