4 Balls Split Pool Trick Shot Overview

This shot is in the Almost As Easy chapter of on page 63. It is noted that Mike Massey, the person who made the shot, recommends not freezing the balls.

4 Balls Split Pool Trick Shot

  • Total Number of Pool Balls: 5
  • Trick Shot Props: None.
  • Percent Made: 75%
  • Considerations - Setup is key, do not freeze the balls but do not use too much spacing either.

  • 4 Balls Split Pool Trick Shot Notes

    This shot is easy, it was one of the first trick shots I learned on my new pool table. Check out this diagram of the shot(C is Cueball, the 4 object balls are all named O):
    s o
    i c
    d k
    e e
    O O
    O O
    Note that the 2 balls closest to the side pocket sink into the side pocket. The outer left and right balls go into the left and right corners respectively.