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Our Thoughts on All-In Chips

All-In chips have a nice clay feel to them. They are less than half as expensive as Paulson Chips which makes them a nice optioin. If you've never handled chips before then some of the cheap 11.5 composites with metallic inserts seem ok but once you've been around chips for awhile you tend to look at other options like Paulson or All-In. The strengths of these chips are the quality and the price. That is not to say the appearance is bad but the quality and the price are outstanding.

All-In Poker Chips

What All-In Says About Cheap Poker Chips

It is important to understand the difference between clay All-In chips and cheap substitutes. Here is what All-In Chips say about it on their website:
" All-In Chips are the real deal. They are 100% solid, all-clay chips - just like what is played in casinos. The impostors contain a plastic mold and a metal insert. Donít be fooled by the competitors. Plastic and clay composite chips are not real clay. They donít look, feel or sound like clay chips. "

Having played in casinos in Vegas, Reno and Southern California and Northern California, I can verify that these All-In chips feel like the chips used in casinos while the 11.5 composites are different.
Here is what All-In Chips identifies as the points of difference on their site:
" The all-clay, high-end product captures the authentic sound and feel of the Vegas casino experience. Casino chips weigh 10.5 grams, which is the exact weight of All-In Chips. (In contrast, fake clay composite chips comprised mostly of plastic with metal inserts weigh 11.5 grams.) However, a set of 500 All-In Chips retails for just $194.95 Ė about the cost of a fake chip set and hundreds of dollars less than the comparable $500 all-clay chip sets rarely seen in the United States.

Called Fifth Street, the 500 set of All-In Chips comes complete with everything you need to host your own Texas Hold 'Em tournament or at least intimidate your friends the next time they come over for poker night. The set includes 150 white chips, 200 red chips, 100 green chips and 50 black chips plus two Vegas-casino played card decks, card cappers, cut cards, a dealer button, big blind, little blind and missed blind discs. In addition, a brochure on how to play Texas Hold 'em helps educate newcomers to the game. Other All-In Chips sets are available in quantities of 300, 650 and 1000 chips. "

Price Comparisons for All-In Poker Chips

At about $200 for a set of 500, these All-In chips are less than 50 cents each. Most Paulson Chips are more than a dollar each so these All-In chips are a nice alternative.

All-In Poker Chips Appearance

Each All-In poker chip has a large A in the middle. The center of the A is a spade. The top of each side of the poker chip says "ALL-IN" and the bottom says "CHIPS", both are in all caps. Between the All-IN and CHIPS words are the 4 suits, spade, heard, diamond and club. The sides of the chips have circles.

All-In Poker Chips Quality

Again, the quality on these All-In chips is excellent. Cheaper poker chips feel too smooth but these have a nice texture, just like clay. They sound nice when banged together and they feel great in the fingers. I enjoy doing poker chip tricks with them.

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