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  • Allison Fisher Interview

    Having 47 WPBA Titles, world champion Allison Fisher needs no introduction.

    She was nice enough to answer some questions for us here on 21ace. Enjoy...

    1. As of the April 30, 2006 WPBA Player Rankings Update on the http://www.wpba.com/cms/?pid=1000261 page you are number 1 by a pretty wide margin. Does being number 1 help your game because of the fact that some opponents are intimidated? Does it hurt your game because of the pressure to stay on top?

    Allison Fisher
    As much as being number one is great the only way is down. It is much harder to stay there than to get there. I don't know about intimidating my opponents but the only pressure I feel is the pressure I put on myself. I want to perform to the best of my ability every time I play.

    21ace - An0n
    2. How did you first become interested in pool, and who was one person that was a big inspiration for you to be successful?

    Allison Fisher
    I started playing Snooker at the age of 7 because of my Dad. he was my biggest inspiration. He believed in me and encouraged me.

    21ace - An0n
    3. What is one moment that you will never forget (in a match)?

    Allison Fisher
    I think winning my first National title when my Dad was watching. I finished with a 3 ball combo and it was the first event he saw me play in America.

    21ace - An0n
    4. What is one moment you don't want to remember (in a match)?

    Allison Fisher
    I think making 2 silly errors against Vivian in 1996 due to my ignorance at the game.

    21ace - An0n
    5. What is the luckiest shot you've ever made?

    Allison Fisher
    I don't remember lucky shots!

    21ace - Chumpchange0001
    6. When you practice spin shots, do you get chalk marks stuck on the table?

    Allison Fisher
    Strange question.

    21ace - fattyonadiet
    7. You've appeared on various tv shows. What's the pressure like on tv shows compared to in a pool match?

    Allison Fisher
    I like matches better because I am focused. I have no problem chatting on TV shows but if I have to perform and it is a one shot wander it can be a lot of pressure.

    21ace - fattyonadiet
    8. How big do you believe trick shot tournaments like the ESPN Trick Shot Magic can get?

    Allison Fisher
    Trick shots are fun for me. I am not great at them and don't expect to be because I don't spend much time practicing them. They are highly popular with viewers though.

    21ace - fattyonadiet
    9. Has playing pool professionally always been your dream? or as a kid did you dream to be something else?

    Allison Fisher
    No I always knew I wanted to be a professional Snooker player and then pool player.

    21ace - fattyonadiet
    10. What is the best part of doing what you do?

    Allison Fisher
    Winning events if you play well and deserve it.

    11. How long have you had the The Duchess of Doom nickname?

    Allison Fisher
    Many years now.

    12. Your site says, "She has won more 9-Ball tournaments than the total wins of all her pro competitors combined, and over 5 times as many titles as the player with the 2nd most wins in that span." How are you able to be so dominant in such a competitive sport?

    Allison Fisher
    I don't know. It blows my mind as there is luck involved and we alternate the break which make it a killer. I think I have great desire to perform well.

    13. Your WPBA page says the best physical advice you ever got was, "The pause, the hesitation in my stroke." Can you tell us more about the hesitation in your stroke?

    Allison Fisher
    The pause in the stroke enables you to give your eyes time to focus on the object ball. It also is a transition between muscle groups.

    14. Favorite pool hall? favorite restaurant, favorite song, anything else you want to share with us?

    Allison Fisher
    I don't have a favorite pool hall. Restaurant depends on my mood. Song. I love music and again it depends on the mood. My favourite all time song is Bohemian Rhapsody.

    21ace thanks Allison for setting aside some time to answer our questions. Be sure to visit the Allison Fisher website at AllisonFisher.com.

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