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Archetype Poker Chips Reviews

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    Our Thoughts on Archetype Chips

    I've played poker at the Luxor and when I opened the Archetype sample chips I was reminded of that experience because like many casinos, the Luxor uses Archetype chipco chips. The Archetype chipco chips have crisp graphics. The surface of the Archetype Poker Chip feels somewhat like the surface of the Nevada Jacks Skull Chips and the Nevada Jacks Desert Sands Chips. However, the Archetype poker chips are chipco chips which are much different than Nevada Jacks (outside of the way the surface feels). Having the denomination displayed on the side of these chips is unique, it demonstrates the crisp graphics and attention to detail.

    Archetype Poker Chips

    Archetype Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for Archetype Poker Chips

    Poker chips that are this nice to not come cheap. These chips are slightly more than $1 each but you get what you pay for and these are top notch.

    Archetype Poker Chips Appearance

    Each of these archetype chips has 4 spades on each side. Having the denomination on the side of the chip is a nice touch. The attention to detail on these chips is superb. The crisp graphics are impressive.

    Check out what BuyPokerChips says about the appearance of these chips:
    "Our professionally designed Archetype casino chip line takes full advantage of the high-resolution graphics and rich color spectrum provided by the unique manufacturing process of these ultra-durable 10-gram chips. The colors and design came out so well on these chips, you may have a hard time taking your eyes off them. Quite simply, they’re stunning. Additionally, and unique to this style chips, the denominations are printed on the rolling edge of each chip in addition to on the face. "

    Archetype Poker Chips Quality

    The quality of these chips is very high. Many of the finest casinos in Las Vegas use this chip including Palms, Luxor, Bally’s/Paris and Excalibur.

    BuyPokerChips describes the quality on these chips in detail:
    "The touch and feel of our Archetype casino chip line has a distinctive smooth yet textured linen finish. They’re smooth, but not slippery, which is very important. Because they are not clay, the tendency is to assume the touch, feel, and sound of these chips is similar to all other composite-type chips. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as the feel of these chips has been refined over almost two decades. They feel 100 times better than poor imitations, cheap plastic chips, or the so-called “clay” chips that come out of China. Other composites can feel anywhere on the spectrum from sand paper to hard plastic, which is why you won't find any of them in Vegas. "

    If this chip is good enough for the finest casinos in Vegas then it is clearly good enough for your home games!

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