BR Pro Tiki Kings Poker Chips

BR Pro Tiki Kings Poker Chips Reviews

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  • Buy these BR Pro Tiki Kings Poker Chips at ePokerDeals! They supplied us the sample chips used for this review.

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    Our Thoughts on BR Pro Tiki Kings Chips

    These chips have a unique look. The appearance is different from all the other chips in the marketplace. These are outstanding new chips. Fans of Nevada Jacks and Desert Sands should take a close look at these.

    BR Pro Tiki Kings Poker Chips

    BR Pro Tiki Kings Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for BR Pro Tiki Kings Poker Chips

    At about 80 cents each, these ceramic chips are in the same range as the Nevada Jacks and the Desert Sands.

    BR Pro Tiki Kings Poker Chips Appearance

    These chips look really cool. They have a look that is unique. The Tiki Kings in the center are only one part of the overall design. The other designs and the angle stripes on the edge design are a nice touch. These chips are unlike any other chip in the marketplace, the look is one of a kind.

    BR Pro Tiki Kings Poker Chips Quality

    These are excellent quality. They are very comparable to Nevada Jacks.
    Check out what ePokerDeals says about these unique ceramic chips:
    "Each Tiki Kings Poker Chip color has a unique edge design that look great in stacks. Diagonal edge stripes are unique and rarely seen on poker chips. The chips are made from a high density single-composition material to ensure high strength. The artwork is not a sticker or label and is not printed on top of the chip. It is a part of the chip, so the image will last. Compare these chips to Chipco brand poker chips and other casino quality ceramic chips. *These are not made by Chipco. Similiar chips are found in many casinos, including the Palms, Luxor, and others. Available in 7 colors

  • Each color has it's own unique edge design
  • Diagonal edge stripes on every chip
  • Full color image is a part of the chip - not a sticker or label
  • Linen texture on the surface of the faces gives a great feel to the chips
  • Casino level chips - similar chips can be found in casinos worldwide
  • Design is exclusively licensed and with a 2005 copyright"
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