BR Pro Tournament Poker Chips

BR Pro Tournament Poker Chips Reviews

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  • Buy these BR Pro Tournament Poker Chips at ePokerDeals! They supplied us the sample chips used for this review.

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    Our Thoughts on BR Pro Tournament Chips

    There are many nice ceramic chips in the marketplace. These BR Pro Tournament Poker Chips are like both Nevada Jacks and Desert Sands. They are also similar to the BR Pro Tiki Kings Poker Chips and the BR Pro Costa Palma Casino Poker Chips.

    BR Pro Tournament Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for BR Pro Tournament Poker Chips

    At about 80 cents each, these ceramic chips are in the same range as the Nevada Jacks and the Desert Sands.

    BR Pro Tournament Poker Chips Appearance

    These chips have a star in the middle along with the denomination. The top says Tournament and the bottom says Poker. There are 2 stars on each side of the front and 2 stars on each side of the back.

    BR Pro Tournament Poker Chips Quality

    The quality of these chips is comparable to other ceramic chips like Nevada Jacks and Desert Sands Poker Chips.

    EPokerDeals says some nice things about these ceramic chips:
    "The first in the new line of BR Pro™ poker chips, the Tourney V1 chip is perfect for any tournament. The chips are made from a high density single-composition material to ensure high strength. The artwork is not a sticker or label and is not printed on top of the chip. It is a part of the chip, so the image will last. Compare these chips to Chipco brand poker chips and other casino quality ceramic chips. Similiar chips are found in many casinos, including the Palms, Luxor, and others.

  • Tournament style design with denomination prominently in the middle of the chip
  • Denominations range from 25 to 10,000 - will work with tournaments of any size
  • Currently available in 6 colors
  • A part of the BR Pro™ poker chip line
  • Full color image is a part of the chip - not a sticker, label, or printed on
  • High density material - no metal slug in the middle of the chip
  • Casino level chips - similar chips can be found in casinos worldwide"
  • FTR has Poker Tools plus Poker Videos and Poker Tells. The Order of Poker hands is good for rookies.

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