Where to Buy Bicycle Black Deck Playing Cards
  • Magic Pro Shop gives away this deck on purchases of $50 or more. They also sell the deck individually.

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    Bicycle Black Deck Playing Cards

    Bicycle Black Deck Playing Cards Reviews

    Our thoughts on the Bicycle Black Deck Playing Cards

    The Bicycle Black Deck combines elements of the Regular Bicycle Deck, the Bicycle Ghost Deck and the Bicycle Black Tiger Deck. Many people haven't seen the Ghost Deck and the Black Tiger deck so they will be blown away by these cards. Overall I think this deck does some interesting things and I really like the bonus cards. Make sure you watch the movie with the bonus cards by going to Magic Pro Shop and clicking on the Black Deck picture. Next just scroll down to the movie screen and press the play button!

    Here is how Magic Pro Shop describes the Bicycle Black Deck:
    This brand new Black Deck is without question the most visually impressive deck of cards available today.

    These stealth black faced cards will soar across your spectator's eyes with full color court cards sporting red and white pips! These cards are so unique they will add extra impact into your card magic. No card worker should be without a few sets of these stunning new cards.

    As a bonus you are getting 4 BONUS cards for FREE. Just the bonus cards alone would cost between $10-20, but we're including them absolutely FREE.

    "The Black Deck Is The Best Version Yet + The Bonus Elevator Card that comes with the deck is genius!" - Marty "Martini" Grams

    What you get:

    The Black Deck
    BONUS - The Vanishing Deck
    BONUS - The Elevator Card (Turn Red Deck of Cards into the Black Deck)
    BONUS - All Blank Gimmick (Turn All the Faces Blank)
    BONUS - Double Faced Gaff (Joker/Queen of Hearts)
    Each of these bonus items have countless possibilities and effects that can be done with them.

    Bicycle Black Deck Playing Cards

    Bicycle Black Deck Playing Cards

    Bicycle Black Deck Playing Cards

    Price Comparisons for Bicycle Black Deck Playing Cards

    These cards are more expensive than regular Bicycle Cards but they are worth it for card collectors.

    Bicycle Black Deck Playing Cards Appearance

    I like cards with black, white and red themes. I don't like the blue and yellow on the Jacks, Queens and Kings, I think it is too busy.

    Bicycle Black Deck Playing Cards Flourish and Magic Quality

    Like other Bicycle decks, these are great for flourishes and magic.

    Bicycle Black Deck Playing Cards Poker Quality

    Bicycle Cards don't last as long as plastic cards for poker so they don't rate as high as KEM cards in this category.