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Bicycle Ghost Playing Cards Reviews

Our thoughts on the Bicycle Ghost Playing Cards

Because the Bicycle Ghost came out after the Bicycle Black Tiger and after the Tally Ho Viper (also made by the US Playing Card Company), it has parts of both cards in the design.

Here is how Ellusionist describes the Bicycle Ghost Decks:
Bicycle Ghost is the third in the Ellusionist trilogy of edgy playing card re-designs in the USPCC® arsenal.

Ghost marks a new era in white playing card design, bringing elements of the Tiger and Viper into pure white format.

The back is reverse imaged while the front nearly completely black also, leaving just the tiny pips on the hearts and diamonds a deep red.

Most striking is the Ace of Spades... a blend of beauty and vague terror, reminiscent of 19th century playing card work. Bicycle can finally lay claim to the same or greater beauty for it’s Ace of Spades as the magnificent Tally-Ho Ace.

Designed by Brad Christian and graphic uber-pro Justin Kramerer from an original Bicycle design, the deck is destined to sell quickly as global fans snap it up in record numbers.

The United States Playing Card Co. couldn't be more proud.

Brad Christian is well known in the magic community, his design on these cards is outstanding.

Price Comparisons for Bicycle Ghost Playing Cards

Bicycle Ghost card decks are more expensive than the regular Bicycle card decks. The Bike Ghost Cards are $4.99 per deck or $3.99 each when 36 decks are ordered. In my opinion this is a great price for such a cool looking card. These cards are not as expensive as some plastic poker cards.

Bicycle Ghost Playing Cards Appearance

The Bicycle Ghost cards have a great appearance for magic, they glow under UV light. Daniel Garcia describes the ace of spades as "dominating". These cards have the right look for magic. They look cool for poker too.

Bicycle Ghost Playing Cards Flourish and Magic Quality

Folks like the paper Tally Ho and Bicycle cards for magic better than the plastic cards. Add the unique look to these cards and they are especially nice for magic.

Bicycle Ghost Playing Cards Poker Quality

Bicycle Cards don't last as long as plastic cards for poker but they are cheaper. Buying a 36 pack of these is the way to go if they are to be used for poker.

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