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    Bicycle Playing Cards

    Bicycle Playing Cards Reviews

    Our thoughts on the Bicycle Playing Cards

    Bicycle playing cards are the standard by which other paper cards are judged. Bicycle cards have been around for awhile and they are quite affordable. They are similar to the Bee cards but Bicycle cards are more well known. They are not as durable as plastic cards like KEMs or Copags but they are also a lot less expensive.

    Bicycle Cards go back over 100 years. In the 1880s bicycles were getting popular in America. This was a time in which cycling on unicycles, bicycles, and tricycles were very popular. During this time, Russell & Morgan, the forerunners of the United States Playing Card Company, decided to produce a line of cards of the highest quality. They settled on the name Bicycle after asking employees to come up with a name. The printer, "Gus" Berens, came up with the "Bicycle" name. His idea caught on, and the Rider Back made its debut in 1887. The Bicycle brand has grown since then introducing dozens of different designs. Fortunately the Rider Back has never gone out of production.

    Price Comparisons for Bicycle Playing Cards

    Bicycle cards are fairly inexpensive. Unlike the plastic KEM cards they can be purchased for a few dollars per pack. The last time I checked PokerBargains these cards were priced at $24.99 for 12 decks or just over $2 per deck.

    Bicycle Playing Cards Appearance

    The Bicycle cards look like standard cards, they are easy to recognize. The Bicycle font on the package is well known.

    Bicycle Playing Cards Flourish and Magic Quality

    Bicycle cards are a great choice for card tricks. Unlike the plastic cards, these paper cards work well for various slights.

    Bicycle Playing Cards Poker Quality

    Bicycle cards don't last forever but they are a great deal for the price, especially if you buy a brick of 12. You can't go wrong with a brick of Bicycle cards.

    Bicycle Cards Discussion

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