Oz Pearlman - Born To Perform

[ Review by Sreename September 2005 ]

Oz Pearlman - Born To Perform Speed

The speed of this DVD may be a bit high if you are not used to visual instructions. But it is very easy to follow none the less.

Speed 4 stars

Oz Pearlman - Born To Perform Communication Quality

Oz has a very clear and calm voice which is nice to listen to. Also his vid demonstrates tricks from different angleís so it easy to follow.

Communication 5 stars

Oz Pearlman - Born To Perform Appearance

Well, what can I say about this? It is a very nice, clear room where the video is being taught. There are no distractions whatsoever and it looks professional.

Appearance 5 stars

Oz Pearlman - Born To Perform Difficulty of Tricks Taught

Overall this DVD is not too difficult. Although it has a couple of tricks in it which are definitely not for beginners (Classic Pass, Hot Shot Cut).

Difficulty 4 stars

Oz Pearlman - Born To Perform Teaching Quality

The teaching on this DVD is great. It is easy to follow, with a lot of repeats when needed so that you donít have to keep rewinding every single time.

Teaching 4 stars

Oz Pearlman - Born To Perform Quantity

Well with this DVD you got plenty stuff on it to keep you busy for a while, and maybe when creative enough create your own material!

Quanity 4 stars

Oz Pearlman - Born To Perform Price

It is certainly not the cheapest DVD out there but it is definitely worth every penny in my opinion.

Price 3 stars

Oz Pearlman - Born To Perform More Detailed Review

This is a DVD from Oz Pearlman in which he says he offers easy and stunning impromptu street magic. The tricks discussed are only the things he does on a regular basis, when he for instance gets a deck shoved in his hand saying he must doe a trick. The tricks that can be learned on this DVD make you look like a true magician.

The tricks that are being covered in this DVD are:

(GRIP) Mechanicís Grip:
A short instruction on what the Mechanicís Grip is and how to apply it. This is shortly covered, because it is rather simple. Easy to follow.

(GRIP) Biddle Grip:
A short instruction on what the Biddle Grip is and how to apply it. This one is more intensely covered than the Mechanicís Grip. Easy to learn and follow.

(SLEIGHT) Pinky Break:
A short explanation on how to do and use a pinky break. This section contains very good instructions on how to do a pinky break, with a lot of angles to see how it's done.

(SLEIGHT) Thumb Break:
A short explanation on how to use and do a Thumb Break. This gives a good instruction on how to get from a pinky break to a thumb break. Easy to follow with a lot of different angles so it is easy to see how it's done.

(SLEIGHT) Dribbling to secure a break:
This is a good tutorial on how to dribble to secure a break. This shows you how you can dribble your cards after a thumb break and still keep the break. Very easy and very convincing.

(CUT) Swing Cut:
This shows you how to do a Swing Cut. This has easy instructions on how to cut the deck like a professional.

(CUT) Swivel Cut:
This shows you how to Swivel Cut. An explanation which teaches you to cut the deck other than a swing cut but still makes you look cool and professional. This also has a bonus teaching on how to secure a break after you have swivel cut the deck.

(SLEIGHT) Double Lift:
An instruction on how to perform a double lift. A move you will encounter many times in card magic. Watch and learn!

(SLEIGHT) Top Palm:
A Clip that shows you how to perform a top palm. A move that also is seen a lot in card magic. This is the two handed top palm. Explained easy and perfectly. After this first piece of basic grips, sleighs, and cuts Oz start to explain some of his routines where you can apply you new learned skills.

(ROUTINE) Ultimate Transpo:
A cool routine, which seemingly makes you switch cards even when the spectator can hold one in his hands! This is a very neat trick that is surely to baffle your spectator. Oz will first show you how the trick goes, after which he explains this trick very well and even gives you some pointers on how to misdirect and confuse you spectator.

(ROUTINE) Two Card Monte:
This is a routine that has existed since cards where made, but still fools a lot of people since nobody seems to know how it is done. Have two aces turn into queens right in the hands of the spectator. This is your chance to learn. Oz explains the trick in a clear and easy way which allows you to trick people on streets everywhere. Also, misdirection pointers are included with this clip. The only down side of this clip is that Oz brings up his One Handed Fan, but does not explain how to do it.

(ROUTINE) Biddle Trick:
A pretty neat routine which is my personal favorite at the moment. A trick which has the spectators chosen card disappear and come face up back into the deck. Very visual. This is a more difficult trick to learn since it has many sleights in it. But Oz teaches you the best way possible in my opinion. Misdirection tips included.

(ROUTINE) Ambitious Card:
A trick that has the spectators chosen and signed (!!) card jump back to the top over and over again, and even let it jump into your mouth! The Spectator doesn't know what hits him. This trick is a relatively simple trick which is explained clearly by Oz. After Oz has shown his routines, he goes back to teach you a couple of sleighs and cuts to make you look more professional than you already are by now.

(SLEIGHT) Classic Pass:
A sleight which controls a card but in the middle back to the top. Oz doesn't cover this sleight very much because there are whole book written on how to do the Classic Pass and he doesn't think it is worth it to spend time on this effect. This is not explained that well and is only doable if you already have a basic feel for cards.

(SHUFFLE) Hindu Shuffle Force:
A shuffle which allows you to force a card on your spectator. This shuffle is very convincing and very easy to master. Oz explains this shuffle very clear.

(SLEIGHT) Double Undercut:
A way of cutting the deck but secretly keeping it in order. A very easy move to learn, with clear instructions.

(SLEIGHT) Top Palm:
A Clip that shows you how to perform a top palm. A move that also is seen a lot in card magic. This is the one handed top palm. Explained easy and perfectly.

(SLEIGHT) Elmsly Count:
A move that can conceal a third card from the top when counting the cards. This move can be very useful in magic sometimes and Oz can teach you this move just fine.

(SLEIGHT) Spread Cull:
A way of controlling a card in the middle to the bottom of the deck while spreading the cards. I don't find this move to be overly useful in magic since you rarely have to have a card on the bottom. But maybe it comes in handy once in a while. The teaching is good however.

(SLEIGHT) Swing Swivel Undercut:
A fancy way to control a desired card while pretending to change the order of the deck This is an excellent way to confuse any spectator and have a professional look at the same time. The clip is sown from different angles, so it is easier to learn.

(SLEIGHT) Riffle Force:
A very sneaky but natural way to force a card on the spectator. Easy to learn!

(FLOURISH) Two Handed Thumb Fan:
A way to fan the cards so for instance a spectator can select a card. Makes you look cool. Also included is how to close the fan with one hand, once you have made it.

(FLOURISH) Le Paul Spread:
A way to spread the cards in a cool looking manner.

(FLOURISH) Springing The Cards:
A way of giving an extra touch to your show by springing the cards from one hand to another.

(SLEIGHT) Erdanase Color Change:
A cool sleight which makes the top card change from black to red and vice versa. This sleight can be used as a stand alone "quick trick" very useful. Perfectly explained.

(FLOURISH) One Handed Thumb Fan:
Finally!! This fan is shown in the beginning of the DVD but is mentioned afterwards. Glad to see this flourish is still explained. In a very good way I may add.

(FLOURISH) Hot Shot Cut:
A variation of Oz on the already known Hot Shot Cut. This is a very hard trick, but once mastered makes you look very professional. Oz tries his best to explain every bit of it to you.

(CUT) Pendulum Cut:
A false cut which allows you to give the spectator the idea the deck is being cut, while in fact its not.

(CUT) Trinary Cut:
A false cut which looks very fancy but is not that hard to master. Well explained by Mr. Pearlman himself.

This brings us to the end of the tricks being covered in this DVD. Personally I find that this DVD is definitely worth its money. It teaches you everything from the basics to the more advanced stuff, including some mind blowing tricks. When I first used the tricks on the streets around here I got great reactions! A real recommendationÖ

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