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    Copag Playing Cards Reviews

    Our thoughts on the Copag Playing Cards

    In general plastic cards are great for poker and Copag cards are no exception. Copag cards and KEM cards are considered to be among the best plastic cards in the marketplace. Copag cards are slightly less exensive than KEM cards and some folks think that the Copag cards are just as nice. However, the Copag name is not as famous as the KEM name. Magicians and card flourishers generally favor paper cards over plastic cards like KEM and Copag in part because paper cards are easier to handle.

    My decks both have guarantee cards that say the following:
    Copag Guarantee Card
    COPAG Since 1908
    If a manufacturing defect is found in this deck before it has been extensively used, we will be glad to replace it. Contact Us:
    Toll free: 1 866

    The back of my Copag Case says the following:
    COPAG plastic playing cards have a high international quality and long durability, Avoid source of heat and chemical products exposure. Use only a wet cloth for cleaning. Contains 2 plastic decks with 54 cards each, in poker size(2 - 1/2" x 3 - 7/16").

    Price Comparisons for Copag Playing Cards

    As mentioned, Copag cards are less expensive than other plastic brands like KEM. Copag cards are ideal for home poker games because they last a long time and they are relatively cheap for plastic cards.

    Copag Playing Cards Appearance

    Both the case and the Ace of spades feature a knight sitting on a horse. It looks like they are ready to joust as the horse is lifting its front left leg. The backs of one of my decks have a repeating circular pattern in white and black against a red background. The backs of the other deck have white and red type circles against a black background.

    Copag Playing Cards Flourish and Magic Quality

    Copag cards are not all that great for card flourishes. They are not great for magic too because the name is not as recognized as other names like Bicycle.

    Copag Playing Cards Poker Quality

    As mentioned, Copag plastic playing cards are great for poker. They last a long time and they are super durable. Other cards could get ruined from a fold or a crease but Copag cards bend back. In addition they can be cleaned if they are stained.

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