De'vo Cradle To Grave

[ Review by deathorglory August 2005 ]

De'vo Cradle To Grave Speed

To be perfectly honest, this dvd is taught extremely slow, which is fine because you can actually tell what he's doing.

Speed 5 stars

De'vo Cradle To Grave Quality

There is no speaking in this dvd, as the trailer suggests, but no need to worry as it is taught through text which is very easy to read and understand, a couple places with more pointers would have been nice, but nothing to really complain about.

Communication 4 stars

De'vo Cradle To Grave Appearance

This dvd is extremely high quality! Every shot is as clear as day, and since there is little to see other than his hands and the cards against a black background, it's impossible to miss what is going on.

Appearance 5 stars

De'vo Cradle To Grave Difficulty of Tricks Taught

I'll tell you this, I've mastered the flipback in a day, and that's about it. This stuff is hard for a beginner (like I was at the time), but the teaching makes up for that. The hardest thing on this dvd is to make the routine as smooth as his.

Difficulty 4 stars

De'vo Cradle To Grave Teaching Quality

TOO MUCH. De'vo teaches too much, he goes in slow motion, and breaks everything down into steps. He usually repeats each step 2 or 3 times. But alas, tis better to overteach than underteach.

Teaching 5 stars

De'vo Cradle To Grave Quantity

One low point for the dvd, there is not that much material on this dvd, this by no means is an excuse not to buy it. Aside from the routine itself (which probably could have been marketed by itself), you get 3 flipback variations: Smooth Opener, Flipback Fan, and Flipback Vanish, plus the Birdy fan and Heaven Display.

Quanity 3 stars

De'vo Cradle To Grave Price

At a $50 price tag, I'd say that it was pretty well worth it, maybe just a little overpriced. But the dvd itself, and the bonuses you get from the exclusive forum make it well worth it. Besides, what other dvd can offer you such unique card manipulations?

Price 4 stars