Ellusionist Crash Course 1 - Sleight of Hand Magic

[ Review by Jonjo August 2005 ]

Ellusionist Crash Course 1 Speed

The Speed is just right for a beginner video. Everything is explained slowly and carefully with lots of repetition and different angles.

There is no rush with the moves Brad takes his time and guides you through each move with care and attention. Each move is first explained and then a trick using the sleight is then presented with a recap of the sleight and a very careful explanation of the trick.

Despite the level of Detail covered on each move the video still moves along a great pace and I never felt the need to fast forward. I was really pleased when I bought this as an introduction to Magic

Speed 4 stars

Ellusionist Crash Course 1 Communication Quality

The speech is fantastic and the explanations are well scripted and very, very clearly thought out. This was about the 3rd or 4th ellusionist video and lessons had been learned. Each move had a great verbal communication that covered everything you wanted to know and supported the visual demonstrations very, very well. The sound quality is good as befits a professionally produced video. All the speech is synced with the moves on screen so that you never feel that the description doesn't match what is being shown.

Communication 5 stars

Ellusionist Crash Course 1 Appearance

The clarity is very impressive. Ellusionist records its videos in a professional studio with broadcast quality camera work and lighting. This is one of the higher quality videos they produced. There are multiple camera angles, really great explanations and everything is presented in an easy to understand manner. Although the material is basic, it is presented with enthusiasm which adds to the feeling that you are really participating and the message gets across very well.

Appearance 5 stars

Ellusionist Crash Course 1 Difficulty of Tricks Taught

It has some very easy tricks, but still some very fun material. I have shocked people with the material in this video. It is definitely a beginners DVD but a very good one and one which will make someone just starting out feel happy that they picked it up.

Difficulty 2 stars

Ellusionist Crash Course 1 Teaching Quality

The teaching quality is very high. Brad Christian is not only a great magician but a really good teacher. His explanations are well thought out and presented and everything flows very well.

Teching 4 stars

Ellusionist Crash Course 1 Quantity

5 tricks and about 6 sleights that are required to perform, but also real beginner's foundation. Mechanics grip, breaks, DL etc.

Quanity 3 stars

Ellusionist Crash Course 1 Price

At $30 this is coming into range with BTP which is another beginners DVD although this is a higher quality DVD in my opinion it doesn't contain as many effects or sleights but it will leave you much more confident with the ones it teaches

Price 3 stars