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Crystal Oyster Chipco Poker Chips Reviews

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    Our Thoughts on Crystal Oyster Chipco Chips

    One thing that I found interesting about my Crystal Oyster Poker Chip Samples was the colors. The colors are more like what one would see on Easter Eggs than what one would see on poker chips. The chips I received are light blue (5 cents), pink (10 cents), yellow (25 cents) and beige (50 cents). I'm so used to the traditional colors that I really enjoy these. They are refreshing because they are unique.

    Crystal Oyster Chipco Poker Chips

    Crystal Oyster Chipco Poker Chip Stack

    Price Comparisons for Crystal Oyster Chipco Poker Chips

    At almost $1 per chip, Chipco chips are not the cheapest chip in the marketplace but they are outstanding in terms of quality. The name Chipco is widely recognized in the gaming industry and some of the finest casinos in the world use Chipco chips.

    Crystal Oyster Chipco Poker Chips Appearance

    One thing that sets Chipco chips apart is the fact that it has edge to edge full color printing that takes up the entire 39 mm canvas. The colors on the Crystal Oyster chips are somewhat unusual for poker, this is one thing that sets them apart and makes them special. The oyster in the center of the clam is a bright white and it stands out.

    Crystal Oyster Chipco Poker Chips Quality

    Made from a heavy, durable ceramic composite, Chipco chips are the real deal. Many casinos throughout the world use Chipco Pro-Tech chips and these Chipco chips are exactly like the casino chips. Chipco chips are composed of a single material. The single material in Chipco chips makes them stronger than other chips that have weak spots.

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