Custom Nexgen Poker Chips

Custom Nexgen Poker Chips Reviews

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  • Buy these Custom Poker Chip LABELS from lynbark (they have a great rating on ebay).
    To order send an email to and mention promo code "21ACE".
    Here are the prices for these exact labels:
    600 labels= $15 shipped First Class Mail
    1000 labels =$25 shipped via Priority Mail

    If you choose other labels then they are about $30 per 1000 depending on the artwork necessary.
    For other labels shipping is not included in the price
    but the "21ACE" promo code is still good for a 15% discount.

  • Buy the Nexgen Poker CHIPS in these pictures at PokerNStuff.

  • Click Here to post your review of these poker chips (No need to own these chips to post a review, just tell us how you like the look based on the photo).

    Custom Nexgen Poker Chips

    We decided to use Nexgen chips with custom labels because folks have reported that they work well with labels in our forums. Note that with Nexgen chips the center area is larger than with some other chips so the labels should be the .98 size labels, not the .93 size labels.

    A good rule of thumb for label sizes is as follows:
    Recessed Center Chip like the Nexgen Poker Chips - .985
    Groved Circle Line Chip like many 11.5 gram Composite Poker Chips - .925

    Folks tend to favor the Nexgens for customizations because they have a nice edge and they look good with custom labels.

    Custom Nexgen Poker Chips

    Custom Nexgen Poker Chips

    Custom Nexgen Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for Custom Nexgen Poker Chips

    Custom Nexgen Chips are very cheap. The chips themselves are only about 22 cents each and the labels are not very expensive either. If you want to do custom poker chips and you are on a tight budget then Nexgen Poker Chips with custom labels should be on your short list of considerations.

    Custom Nexgen Poker Chips Appearance

    The appearance of the labels depends on the original artwork and the supplier that makes the labels. Fortunately we've done the research for you! Lynbark has been doing this for a long time so they are a great choice for the supplier. There is something about the Nexgen chips that makes them look good with labels. Don't take my word for it, check out the photographs on this page.

    Custom Nexgen Poker Chips Quality

    The quality on Nexgens is better than the 11.5 import chips but it is still not as good as the expensive chips like Paulson chips. That said, once you put a label on the chip you lose some of the feel that was on the surface of the chip so the feel of the chip becomes less important once labels come into play. Many people like the Nexgen chips better than the 11.5 composites, maybe it is because they work well with labels and the edge spots are nice.

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