History of Darts

Human Beings have used rocks and other objects as weapons since before hunting methods were documented. Undoubtedly variations of dart games have been used both for practice and entertainment for a very long time.

Modern Darts

Modern Darts started when folks wanted to practice archery skills. They used the bottom of barrels for target practice.

Darts in the United States

It has been said that passengers of the Mayflower passed time by playing darts. However, there is no evidence that this actually happened and many believe it did not.

There are many theories on how darts became established in the US. Some say that English and Irish immigrants played a big part in making the game grow. Native Americans also had activities similar to darts and they also may have been responsible for making the game popular.

In World War II many US servicemen played darts in England and then wanted to continue playing after coming home.