Adding darts to your gameroom is a nice way to add variety without breaking the bank. Most starter dartboards are inexpensive as are the darts themselves. It is important to protect the wall behind the dartboard which is one reason why many people keep their dartboard cabinets in the garage.

History of Darts

Our History of Darts Section talks about how darts has been around in one form or another for a long time. The game of darts has become increasingly popular over the years. It has always been big in England but after World War II it became more popular in the United States and now it is enjoyed all over the world.

Dart Rules

There are several variations of dart games and each game has its own rules. Cricket is one of the more popular forms of darts, read about Cricket Rules in our Dart Rules section.

Dartboard Numbers Order

The left side of the dartboard has the largest concentration of high numbers. Many players aim for the left side of the board because it doesn't punish as much for inaccuracies as other parts of the dartboard. The numbering on dartboards is universal. Read more about the numbering sequence in our Dartboards Section.

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