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Card Review Overall
Tally-Ho 4.74 11
Bicycle 4.71 19
Tally-Ho-Viper 4.55 9
Bicycle-Ghost 4.37 9
David-Blaine-Split-Spades 4.25 4
Bicycle-Black-Deck 4.17 3
Bee 3.98 11
Copag 3.97 6
KEM 3.95 10
Bicycle-Black-Tiger 3.63 6

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    Where to Buy David Blaine Split Spades Playing Cards
  • carries David Blaine Split Spades playing cards.

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    David Blaine Tally Ho Split Spades Cards Deck

    David Blaine Split Spades Playing Cards Reviews

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    David Blaine Split Spades Playing Cards

    Tally Ho Cards are well known in the among card flourishers. Many card flourishes prefer Tally Ho cards to Bicycles so I'm sure this new deck is something they will want to buy. Check out our David Blaine section for more information on world-class illusionist David Blaine!

    Jonjo's thoughts on the David Blaine Split Spades Playing Cards
    These are good cards, they have nice thick stock, a good finish, and a nice style (if you own a pack of Tally Hos that's what these feel like). However I do have a few reservations. Personally I don't like the 'liar' joker, its just a bit naff, but maybe thats just me.

    Overall, they are very nice cards, but I think they fell just short. The looks weren't enough for me with that price tag, and the unfamiliar design only hinders them further. If the price falls then these might be more of a serious contender for magic, as it is I'll stick with my Bikes.

    Price Comparisons for David Blaine Split Spades Playing Cards

    Although these cards are less expensive than some plastic cards, they are not cheap.

    Here's what Jonjo says about the price:
    The price is too high for a plain deck of cards. Especially ones that are only Tally Ho finish. Don't get me wrong they're every bit as good as Tallys, but for $8 I want that super smooth Viper feel.

    David Blaine Split Spades Playing Cards Appearance

    The split spade is kind of unique. David Blaine's initials are DB or db in lower case. Look at db closely and it is very similar to an upside down split spade.

    Jonjo has some thoughts on the appearance of these cards:
    Yes, these cards do look very nice, but they don't look familiar and there's no kink. Ghost cards, tigers, even vipers are so striking, you can claim magical properties or voodoo type stuff. These just look like a nice deck.

    David Blaine Split Spades Playing Cards Flourish and Magic Quality

    David Blaine Tally Ho cards and other Tally Ho cards are great for flourishes and magic, this is their strength.

    Read what Jonjo says about the Split Spade cards for magic:
    For Magic, here's where the cards make up for some of their short falls, they are great to handle, sleights are a dream and like all Tallys they have that grippy quality which I love. The only downside is the unfamiliarity, which will affect people. Then again its not a trick deck so you can always let the audience examine it.

    David Blaine Split Spades Playing Cards Poker Quality

    This may not be the best deck out there for poker.

    Jonjo sums it up nicely:
    For poker, they're just as good as bkes or Tallys or any other high quality paper card. With one difference, the cost $8 aper pack. You won't catch me using them for poker.

    David Blaine Split Spades Playing Cards in our Forum

    Read about David Blaine Split Spades Playing Cards in our forum:
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    FTR has Poker Tools plus Poker Videos and Poker Tells. The Order of Poker hands is good for rookies.

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