Desert Sands Poker Chips

Desert Sands Poker Chips Reviews

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  • Buy these Desert Sands Poker Chips at ePokerDeals! They supplied us the sample chips used for this review.

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    Desert Sands Poker Chips

    Like the Nevada Jacks Skull Chips, the Desert Sands Chips feel great. I accidentally left one in my pocket when going through the airport in Las Vegas so I don't think they have metal inserts. If you look closely on the perimeter you can see the little NJ diamonds because the chip is made by Nevada Jacks.

    Desert Sands Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for Desert Sands Poker Chips

    ePokerDeals has these at $300 for a 500 chip set or about 60 cents each. Like the All-In chips and the Nevada Jacks Skull chips, these are in between the cheap 11.5g metal insert composites and the high end Paulson chips which are over $1 each. Those used to cheap composites might think these chips are expensive but they are worth the price for those who can appreciate quality chips.

    Desert Sands Poker Chips Appearance

    The Desert Sands Chips have what looks like the casino in the middle. The verbiage says Desert Sands Casino in the middle and Las Vegas Nevada near the bottom. The denomination of each chip is also near the bottom. I like the orange one which they have labelled as 50 cents.

    One thing about the appearance must be pointed out, THE EDGE SPOTS DO NOT LINE UP. In other words if you look at the stripes on the top, side and bottom none of them line up. This doesn't bother me but I'm sure some folks out there may not like it.

    Desert Sands Poker Chips Quality

    The Desert Sands chips feel nice. I am now at the point where I can tell a lot about the quality of a chip from just holding it a few seconds and these Desert Sands chips pass the test. Unlike cheap composites, they are not overly smooth. Also, they do not make a loud noise when they bang against each other.

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