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Poker Chip Discount Promo Codes and Coupon Codes

We Do It All Vegas Poker Chips Discount

Take advantage of this time discount. Not only do they have their own hot stamping machine at the shop, they are putting you in the front of the line if you mention that you're a 21ace reader in the special instructions. This is a fantastic opportunity if you're in a hurry for quality custom chips from the shop that we've been doing business with the longest.

Vegas Supplies Poker Chips Discount

Use our promo code for regular chips and for custom chips. They have a wide selection and the promo code applies to everything from budget chips to their James Bond Paulson chips.

Spinettis Poker Chips Discount

One of the best deals out there is the Turf Club Chip at Spinettis for 55 cents each. This is a "clay chip" and when you apply our 10% promo code you are getting a great chip for a fraction of the price of other chips like Paulsons. They also have Paulson Chips with the discount. They carry both the James Bond Paulson and the Pharaoh's Paulson Chips. They are listed at $1.15 each but when you apply our discount they get down to close to $1 each.

Poker Shopping Discount

I have the 2x500 double suited poker chip set from PokerShopping. If you have a limited budget then I recommend taking a look at their double suited sets. Remember that with our coupon code you'll be able to get an additional 20% off, that is a huge discount!

False Discounts

Be careful when looking for poker chip discounts. Some stores out there use inferior "seconds" plastics. We've been working with chip stores for a long time so we know the good stores from the bad. If you buy chips "at a discount" on ebay be sure to check the feedback on the seller to make sure the discount is real.

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