Ellusionist Ninja 1

[ Review by Jonjo August 2005 ]

Ellusionist Ninja 1 Speed

The General Pace for the video is good. Not great for complete beginners but, if you've bought a beginners video like Born to Perform, Crash Course or Street Magic You won't have any problem. No great rush but sometimes it feels like things are glossed over a little bit.

Speed 3.5 stars

Ellusionist Ninja 1 Communication Quality

As magic videos go in general very good, well thought out speech, which is to the point and helpful not distracting. Speech is well synced with the picture. Views are multi angle and well repeated along with full speed demos of the sleight in action. This was the first Ellusionist video ( I think) and the dialogue is very scripted, its is not as fluid or high quality as the later video's but it is still well above average.

Communication 4 stars

Ellusionist Ninja 1 Appearance

Very good, as with all the ellusionist material it is filmed broadcast quality in a professional studio with professional camera and sound recording. Multiple Camera angles and clear concise explanations are used. Bards make up is slightly strange but it doesn't affect the teaching.

Appearance 4.5 stars

Ellusionist Ninja 1 Difficulty of Tricks Taught

Quite high. This video is Ellsuionists contribution to learning the pass and this is themain focus of the tape. the pass is an extremely challenging move to get right and lots and lots of practice is required. Other moves are of imtermediate difficulty at an intermediate level rather than a beginner. A good progression toward becoming a Magician rather than someone who does a few tricks for their family/friends.

Difficulty 4 stars (the pass 5 stars)

Ellusionist Ninja 1 Teaching Quality

As with all ellusionist products the teaching quality is extremely high, no umming and ahhing, to the point explanations and visuals.

Teching 5 stars

Ellusionist Ninja 1 Quantity

The Pass, a few variations and a handful of other moves to be part of the Gambling Cheats Routine. As a gambling routine this sucks as it doesn't have second deals or any of the actual moves gamblers use, it focuses almost entirely on the pass and beating the cut. Having said that it does contain the One handed pass with is a fantastic move, and the current edition has extras including updated advice on the pass and the Spin Change tutorial.

Quanity 3.5/4 stars

Ellusionist Ninja 1 Price

At $39.99 it is falling in line with most magic videos around. The hype of this product definitely outweighs its content. It is a good video but too many people have gotten over excited. it essentially covers the pass and few other moves, but there are better videos for the pass individually. However this is a good video with some nice extras.

Price 3 stars

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