Frozen On Rail Bank Pool Trick Shot Overview

This shot is in the Twenty-five Easy Ones chapter of on page 55. In my opinion this is one of the easiest shots in the book to learn. However, it is difficult to make the shot a high percentage of attempts.

The reason the shot is easy to learn is that the optical illusion concept comes quickly. After you practice a few times you start to understand the reason why the outer frozen ball does not move. It is becaue the rail frozen ball sinks into the rail and away from the outer frozen ball when the cue ball makes impact. Thus you can bank the rail ball without touching the frozen ball fairly easily. The tough part is making it in the corner. You might have lots of practice shots where the rail ball goes close to the corner pocket but it doesn't quite go in.

Frozen On Rail Bank Pool Trick Shot

  • Total Number of Pool Balls: 3
  • Trick Shot Props: None.
  • Percent Made: 25%
  • Considerations - Hit the cue ball hard with a lot of force. Pretend the outer frozen ball isn't there, just ignore it. Understanding that the rail ball goes into the rail and around the frozen ball is easy. Making the shot every time is not so easy.

  • Frozen On Rail Bank Pool Trick Shot Notes

    Try this shot before some of the more difficult shots in this section. Don't forget to hit the cue ball hard.

    o   .   .   .   o   .   .   .   o
    .     y                         .
    . c                             .
    .                               .
    o   .   .   .   o   .   .   .   z

    The cue ball is labeled c in the diagram above. The inner rail ball is x and it is frozen against the outer frozen ball y. the 2 frozen balls are at a 90 degree angle from the rail. The cue ball hits rail ball x and banks it into the corner pocket z without moving ball y. Note that once you get the hang of this shot it seems very easy.