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    MJM Magic

    Daryl Does the Full Monte

    [ Review by Tom Ace August 2005 ]

    Daryl Does the Full Monte Speed

    The speed is perfect with this dvd. Daryl is always quick in explaining, but everything is told what you need to know.

    5 stars

    Daryl Does the Full Monte Communication Quality

    Daryl is very friendly and this is clearly shown on this dvd.

    5 stars

    Daryl Does the Full Monte Appearance

    The dvd is good quality. Images are clear and sharp.

    5 stars

    Daryl Does the Full Monte Difficulty of Tricks Taught

    It is basically one effect that Daryl teaches you, but it's a great one. It is difficult to get the throws right in the beginning. The cards won't let go. But after a while you will succeed. It's not beginners, but a friend of mine has learned the effect by this dvd and this is the only thing he ever does in card magic. Anyone can do it, if he or she is willing to practice.

    4 stars

    Daryl Does the Full Monte Teaching Quality

    Daryl is called “the magicians magician” and he really is that good. He is the best teacher on the subject. I can’t praise him enough.

    5 stars

    Daryl Does the Full Monte Quantity

    This dvd is about 2,5 hours. That is a lot of material, especially because it is about one effect. Daryl explains everything you want to learn about it.

    5 stars

    Daryl Does the Full Monte Price

    The price is ok. I paid 35,- Euro’s. It’s best buy if you think about all the material that is on this dvd. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.

    4 stars

    Daryl Does the Full Monte - More detailed review

    Working Surfaces Daryl does the full monte
    Preparing the Cards review by: Thomas Wilmes
    The Mix
    The Throw
    Turnover Moves
    Miscellaneous Moves
    Hooks and Come-Ons
    Special Sets

    After watching the intro I see Daryl in a nice funny red shirt, with a very happy smile. Again I’m excited to watch this dvd again, although I have seen it many, many times.

    Working Surfaces
    Daryl starts of at the very beginning, describing different surfaces. Also he tells a bit of history. 5/5

    Preparing the Cards
    Here Daryl describes which cards are best for Three Card Monte. Also he advises to use two sucker cards that are identical. Also he has some nice tips what to do if you need to do this routine impromptu, with another deck of cards. Then Daryl talks about actual preparing the cards. Different bridges are explained:
    The Crease
    The “S” Bend
    The Simple Bend
    Softening the Corners.
    Of course this is important for success of the routine.

    The Mix:
    Daryl describes how to mix the three cards. He has some handy tips on how to mix them very fast. You even don’t have to look and you are still aware where the money card is. Daryl is called “the magicians magician” and this is again shown in his explanations. He makes it easy to understand by using different cards for the sake of clarity. His “abc” card method is used so that you can see where the cards are after the mix etc. The mixes that he describes are:
    The Standard Mix
    The Slide
    The Cascade

    The Throw
    Daryl tells us about throwing cards. Secret sleights are explained and he tells of his own experience. He first read about the three card monte in the John Scarne book about the three card monte. It takes a lot of practice to do these moves the right way.

    Turnover Moves
    Some nice moves to show a different card than the one that was selected. Daryl gives advice again that if you’re about to use these turnovers it is a good idea to test the spectator first. With a fake turnover etc.

    Miscellaneous Moves
    Many moves are explained that are suitable for the three card monte. If you’re not familiar with these moves yet, Daryl explains them again for you. Moves like:
    Flushtration Count
    The Rumba Count
    The Chameleon Show
    Double lift of the face
    The Glide
    Vernon’s optical move
    Scarne’s monte slide

    Hooks and Come-Ons
    Vary nice explanations and demonstrations. Routines are explained. Daryl tells about different endings for the three card monte, and of course the most famous one: the bend corner. Every secret is explained that you always wanted to know, and even more, How to do a routine with a paperclip, a post stamp, a match book , a torn corner etc.

    Special Sets
    Over the years there have been different gaffed sets of the three card monte game. These trick sets often don’t require sleight of hand. Some of them have special endings etc. Daryl explains many, many of these. You also see the effect it has on the audience.

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    FTR has Poker Tools plus Poker Videos and Poker Tells. The Order of Poker hands is good for rookies.

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