Brian Tudor - Generation Extreme

[ Review by deathorglory August 2005 ]

Brian Tudor - Generation Extreme Speed

Tudor goes at a really good speed in this dvd, unlike its predecessor. He doesn't go too fast, but he doesn't go that slow either, his explanations might take a couple viewings, but it is still fairly easy to keep up with him.

Speed 4 stars

Brian Tudor - Generation Extreme Communication Quality

Also unlike some of the other dvd's he's released, he actually speaks with the performance. He is easy to understand, if you can get by with hearing the word "essentially" in almost every explanation.

Communication 4 stars

Brian Tudor - Generation Extreme Appearance

The dvd makes it very easy to see, no backgrounds that would make it harder to see.

Appearance 5 stars

Brian Tudor - Generation Extreme Difficulty of Tricks Taught

Since you can't really give one score for the entire thing, I'll quickly give a score for each routine. The Man From New York: 1/5, Triumph 3: 2/5, Hypnotic: 5/5, Follow the Queen: 4/5, The Politician: 4/5, Showoff: 5/5. All of the routines have their own sleights that will take lots of work, and obviously some have more than others. I still wouldn't recommend this for beginners.

Difficulty 3.5 stars

Brian Tudor - Generation Extreme Teaching Quality

The teaching is pretty good in this dvd. He offers enough of it so that you can understand it. The only downside is that the multiple angles aren't used all that much, and sometimes I had wished that he had given a bit more advice. Much better teaching than his previous dvd, Generation X.

Teaching 4 stars

Brian Tudor - Generation Extreme Quantity

6 routines, tons of material to learn, nothing to complain about.

Quanity 5 stars

Brian Tudor - Generation Extreme Price

$50 does seem pretty steep for a magic video, especially since its predecessor (Generation X) went for about ten dollars less. Eventually you will find that with the amount of sleights and flourishes make it pretty worth it.

Price 4 stars

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