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InPlay Clay Poker Chips Reviews

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    Our Thoughts on InPlay Clay Chips

    When I opened the InPlay Clay poker chips I immediately noticed that they looked like Paulson Chips. Instead of the Paulson Hat and Cane these InPlay Clay chips have a glass and a cigar. In total there are 8 glasses and cigar on each side of the chip. These chips are slightly lighter than Paulson chips but they are very similar.

    InPlay Clay Poker Chips

    InPlay Clay Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for InPlay Clay Poker Chips

    The InPlay Clay Poker Chips are a little more than $1 each. There are less expensive chips out there but the quality is not as nice as these. If you want top quality chips then these are worth every penny.

    InPlay Clay Poker Chips Appearance

    The InPlay Clay poker chips look a lot like Paulson poker chips. Instead of the hat and cane they have the glass and cigar around the edges. I like the labels, they blend well with the outside of the chips. There are tons of colors to choose from with these chips.

    InPlay Clay Poker Chips Quality

    The quality on these chips is outstanding. They are a lot like Paulson Chips but without the brand recognition. The InPlay Clay is the successor to the Modern Clay chip. Note that Mandalay Bay utilized the same manufacturer as the Modern Clay chip for their casino chips, that should tell you something about the quality. For those of you who live under a rock, the Mandalay Bay is one of the finest hotel/casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Everything associated with Mandalay Bay is top quality.

    Here are the InPlay Clay features that BuyPokerChips lists:
  • "Industry Leading Innovation! Smooth clay touch and feel built right into the mold of the chip – A major innovation for home game poker chips that gives them the “InPlay” feel of a poker chip that’s been properly broken-in within a casino environment.
  • Industry Leading Innovation! Each chip in pre-oiled for optimum touch, feel, and sound – Borrowing from a little known phenomenon in the casino chip collecting world, we break-in these clay poker chips with a labor-intensive oil treatment process that mimics exposure to hand oil, a process that can take 10 hours or more per chip set for a chip collector. The result is a finely polished chip that livens up the chip colors and provides that unmistakable “InPlay” feel.
  • Exclusive mold - This chip line uses Sidepot Gaming Company's highly touted throwback mold design, the Cigar & Snifter mold.
  • 11 Denominations – The widest denomination selection of any clay poker chip on the market. Choose from 25 cent to $5000 denominations.
  • Textured cross-hatched inlay surface - Not flat and lifeless just because it’s easier to make. Inspired inlay design – Inspired by the award-winning design elements of popular International currency.
  • "

    BuyPokerChips takes pride in the Cigar and Snifter mold, in fact they say it is one of the finest molds ever made:
    "Our InPlay Clay line utilizes our throwback Cigar & Snifter mold, what some insiders in the poker chip industry consider the finest mold ever produced. The engraving design features an intricate cigar and snifter design, repeated 8 times around the track of the chip. Two concentric circles frame this repeating design, one inside and one outside."

    The InPlay clay chips are getting heavier, making them even more like the Paulson chips. The InPlays are 8.8 grams at the time of this writing (October 12, 2005), and they will be getting heavier over the next few months with a target average weight of 9.3 grams.

    Ovarall the quality on these chips is amazing. If you have the budget for these chips then go for it!
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