Jump Ball Pool Trick Shot Overview

Chapter 10 of is devoted to jump shots. The key is to elevate the back end of the cue stick.

Check out the pictures of Chumpchange doing the shot below(cick pics for video):

Jump Ball Pool Trick Shot

  • Total Number of Pool Balls: 2
  • Trick Shot Props: None
  • Percent Made: 35%
  • Considerations - Pool Table & Other: Table Felt & Speed, Cue Stick Elevation Angle, Spacing.
  • Video: Chumpchange's Jump Shot Pool Trick Shot Video

  • Jump Ball Pool Trick Shot Notes

    The chapter on jump shots in begins with the obvious, "One of the reasons teachers tell students to keep their cues level, even on draw shots, is that when you elevate the butt of the cue even a little and strike the cueball a downward blow, the cueball leaves the cloth." [124]

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