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    KEM Playing Cards

    KEM Playing Cards Reviews

    Our thoughts on the KEM Playing Cards

    KEM cards are outstanding for playing poker. I don't know of a better card for poker games. Magicians do not seem to like them for card tricks and flourishes because of the plastic feel. Poker players should definitely consider getting a deck of KEMs. Those doing card tricks may want to invest in a deck of Bikes or Bees instead.

    KEM Playing Cards

    Price Comparisons for KEM Playing Cards

    KEM cards are much more expensive than other brands. There is a saying that you get what you pay for and with KEM cards you get a lot. They seem to last forever unlike other brands of cards.

    KEM Playing Cards Appearance

    KEM cards come in all different styles of backgrounds. The Ace of Spades is clearly marked with the Made in USA label and the 800 number.

    KEM Playing Cards Flourish and Magic Quality

    KEM cards are not all that great for card tricks. These plastic cards just do not have the same feel as some of the paper cards like Bicycles and Bees.

    KEM Playing Cards Poker Quality

    Made from cellulose-acetate, KEM cards are the best in tough and flexible plastic cards. KEM cards are among the best for poker. They are super durable and flexible. KEM cards seem to last forever. They are difficult to mark and they can take a lot of wear. Staying crisp and flexible for years, KEM cards are the benchmark for quality. The average life of KEM cards is much longer than that of non-platic cards. KEM cards can even be washed.

    Paisley Bridge Kem Cards

    A friend of mine recently gave me KEM cards as a gift and I can verify that they do indeed last a long time. In the forum we have videos showing how flexible they are when compared to non plastic cards.

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