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Lucky Lady Custom Chipco Poker Chips Reviews

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    Our Thoughts on Lucky Lady Custom Chipco Chips

    We wanted to try some high-end custom poker chips here at 21ace and we decided to go with the Lucky Lady Lounge version. There is something about this chip that reminds me of the James Bond movies and the color pattern matches the 21ace site perfectly except there is no red. I thought about adding some red but I think it might have taken away from the rest of the chip.

    Note the image below is of the artwork which is similar but not identical to the image of the actual chip. Lucky Lady Custom Chipco Poker Chips

    Lucky Lady Custom Chipco Poker Chips

    Lucky Lady Custom Chipco Poker Chips

    Lucky Lady Custom Chipco Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for Lucky Lady Custom Chipco Poker Chips

    The personalization options with Dave at HomePokerChips can't be beat. He was able to accomodate our small order of just 200 chips no problem!. The price for customizations on these high-end chips is fantastic!

    Lucky Lady Custom Chipco Poker Chips Appearance

    Obviously we chose the Lucky Lady Lounge chip because the appearance is cool looking. The fact that the color scheme ties into 21ace makes these chips special. Everyone could use a little "lady luck" while playing cards so these chips are a nice solution. The image isn't just about lady luck, it also has a James Bond element to it. One nice thing about the appearance of these lady luck custom chips is that they are very difficult to reproduce!

    Lucky Lady Custom Chipco Poker Chips Quality

    Chipco chips are amazing quality and our customization is now part of the chip. Unlike custom labels that can peel off and hot stamp ink that can come off, this customization is permanent!

    My Experience Ordering Custom Chipco Poker Chips

    My experience ordering these custom Chipco poker chips was very smooth and I wanted to share it. Fortunately I was able to meet Dave in Las Vegas and seeing his book full of custom chipco chips let me know that he had tons of experience.

    March 30th, 2005
    Once I decided to get a few hundred chips I started working with Patrick to get the "21ace" artwork ready. Here is the first email I received from Patrick:

    Hi Mr. Sprague,

    My name is Patrick, and I'm the graphic designer who will be working on your order. Dave Harber has supplied me with the specifications for your chips.

    I have two different kinds of files for your review. They both show the same images. I'm providing a GIF file that can be viewed your browser, and a PDF file that needs Adobe Acrobat Reader. The GIF is scaled up 200%, while the PDF is at actual chip size. If you have a color printer, you can print out your chip designs from the PDF. You can also zoom in with the PDF for more detail than the GIF provides.

    Have a look at:

    {Patrick had links to a gif file and a pdf file here.
    I've copied them to a more permanent location on 21ace.}
    Custom Artwork GIF
    Custom Artwork PDF

    Note that the GIF version does not show accurate color. All colors are much lighter and more washed out than on the chip. Print the PDF versions for a better match on color. Ink on paper is a better match for dyes on chips than pixels on screens.

    Even better than the printed PDF proofs are the color wheel chips that are part of the Sampler set. They are the best color reference for seeing exactly what the colors will look like on your chips.

    A few general things are worth noting:

    -- The thin white outer ring is a feature of the chips. It is a slightly raised unprintable region that serves to prolong the life of the chips by minimizing wear on the chip faces due to friction.

    -- There is a small, 1 mm high block of "CI" text added to the chips. This is a "mint mark" for our chip maker and is required to be somewhere on the chip. I can change the color, rotation, and location of the mint mark, but not it's font or size.

    Most of my design work is collaborative, via the Internet. If you can steer the design a little now, we can converge very quickly on the final chips. I welcome your thoughts and feedback. Please let me know what you like and don't like about these chip designs.

    Thank you for your business. I look forward to working with you!

    As you can see, the email is very professional and I knew right away that Patrick would take care of me. I told Patrick I liked the artwork and we moved forward.

    April 20th, 2006
    I received an email from Dave saying that the chips were finished and that they were on the way. One thing nice about the email was that it had the UPS Tracking Number on it so I could check the progress of the package.

    April 26th, 2006
    The chips arrive at my doorstep! They came in chip racks and I was really excited when I opened them and started doing chip tricks with them. Everything turned out perfectly. If you have the money to get some nice custom chips then I highly recommend getting custom chipco poker chips through Dave!

    Personalized Chipco Poker Chips
    Mention "21ace" in the comments at ChipcoPokerChips/HomePokerChips and get a FREE high quality aluminum 500-chip case with orders of 500 chips or more!

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