Where to Buy Marked Cards

Magic shops sell marked cards but they refer to them as gaffed cards. One of the best magic shops around is Ellusionist.

Another option is to buy ink and mark cards yourself, this is more difficult.

Note: only use marked cards for magic, do not use them for cheating.

Marked Cards

Marked Playing Cards are a danger for honest players. The marked cards thread discusses this:
Jim talks about marking systems:
"Oh, and the best marking systems for decks would have to be "glimmer" marked decks (for Bees and Bikes), tint work (for any kind of deck), or juice work (also for any kind of deck). These decks are much more expensive than normal sets of marked cards, however, they are much more professional in all regards. Finding them is slightly more tricky, although there are numerous resources for these online."

CardSorcerer talks about blackline:
"Blackline work is a method where you mark the cards by touch - very similar to pegging. Only the picture cards can be marked with blackline work. When I use to perform magic, I use to do demo cheating moves with my audience - blackline work was perfect for blackjack demo's since I knew what most hands were. It is also good for packet tricks. For some reason, many people have confused 'the juice deck' with blackline work. For a while, some people were selling sub par 'juice decks' on ebay, and advertising it as blackline work. Don't know why. The good marked cards won't be able to be detected via the riffle test (or what some people call 'taking the deck to the movies'). That is one reason why I like blackline work - although there are several marked decks that can out smart the riffle test. Tintwork, glimmer, and juice being some. As a rule of thumb, the better the marked deck, the longer it takes to learn how to use it. Furthermore, a heavy tintwork deck takes less practice to use than a light tintwork deck. However, the lighter the tintwork is, the more deceptive the deck is. Same goes for juice, pegging, glimmer and most other advanced marking systems. However, the above is my view as a magician who always uses marked cards whenever I perform. I have no idea how it applies to cheating which I do not recommend and strongly advise against."

CardSorcerer also mentions juiced decks:
"Typically, Juice decks cost between $60 - $100; however, finding someone who makes them is the hard thing. I used to sell them; however, many magicians (all of whom I had a profound respect for) contacted me and asked me not to sell them. It is considered by many to be the best marking system around. I think juice decks are the best marked decks there are. However, they require much practice to see and use. More importantly, neophytes to marked cards really didn't appreciate them for what they are - the best marked decks around. A juice deck shouldn't be a layperson's first set of marked cards - its like giving a teenager a ferrari (with an automatic transmission) as there first car. Anyways, to answer your question, I don't have the time to sell them, and when I do, deffinitely not below market value. Applying juice is extremely difficult and requires much practice and experience - therefore I do each deck myself and it is always a custom job. Since I almost never sell them, on the few occasions I do ( only to repeat customers ), it isn't worth my time unless I am charging alot. So I guess it is partly a supply/demand issue, the fact that applying juice takes experience and can only be done by me, and the fact that I don't ussually sell them (thus the premium)."

expertmagician talks about do-it-yourself markings:
"All shade type work is easy to apply. The formulas are a garded secret and can be tricky to manufacture. In addition, you are also better off marking your own cards vs. buying a pre-marked deck. In this way you can design your own marking patterns so others will not be able to recognize the marks even if they know about Luminous solutions or JUICE. This just adds to the deception. Just my 2 cents for what it is worth. "
Check out expertmagician's avatar:
Marked Cards

The Different Marked Decks thread continues the discussion on marked playing cards:
CardSorcerer talks about tintwork:
"Tintwork inolves very subtle alterations to the back designs of the cards. Like other advanced marking systems, tintwork varies in deceptiveness. There is very strong tintwork which is hard to detect and easy to use; and there is very light tintwork which is almost impossible to detect and requires eye training to be able to see. A very light tintwork deck is difficult to detecty by anyone's standards (even by experts in marked cards). Needless to say, the marking system is very deceptive in any form. In order to keep the system a secret and preserve its magical integrity, I cannot say exactly how the cards are marked. "

Thuzle mentions commercial juice:
"A qoute the the 25 Dollar "Juice" You can find on the net. A qoute from Igor Lustig "The Bustout Dealer": In the late 1990s several outlets have started selling "juice" over the Web. There are several web sites that carry the exact same product, which is easily recognizable because it is always labeled "The Juice" and it features a stick-figure cartoon character. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) this commercial juice is not the same substance that cheaters have managed to keep under the hat for decades. It is just an attempt at selling something to the suckers over the Web (this time the sucker is the buyer; not an unusual occurrence). In any event, their formula is not correct and what they are selling is not really juice. In my humble opinion, the quality of this commercial juice, sold as "The Juice", falls into a category of products that people often compare with a particular animal product that can be used as organic fertilizer and may easily be found on farms. This should be known by everyone interested in the so-called "Juice", the only reason I post it here."

expertmagician mentions how permanent some markings can be:
"Most markings using SHADE technology (Luminous, JUICE or FLASH) should all be using permanent solutions. So wearing off should not be a problem. As far as what cards physically last longer. Kem playing cards do last longer. But, may also get sticky and have to be cleaned occasionally. Paper playing cards either will have to air out while spread out on a table overnight, coated with powder or simply thrown out. I suggest you use whatever back designs your "friends" are used to seeing. If they never saw KEMs and are used to Bees or Bicycles. I suggest you stick with those."

expertmagician also explains luminous technology:
"1) Luminous technology has been around for many years. However, it has only relatively recently been implemented using SHADE vs. standard "line markings". Also, using any pair of sunglasses vs. funny red lenses is a new inovation. Feel free to read gambling literature and you will see it discussed without the books exposing the actual formulas. Regarding my we site, I want to be very clear and up front with the facts..... All of the photographs or video clips on my web site are untouched. However, the camera which shot the video seems to have given a VERY clear view of the marks when viewed through my provided filter gimmick. (Video seems to depict more contrast than you will see reality. But, explains visually to people what the product does.) If you want to see a real-world view of how the markings will look, try looking at the still photograph above video clip. The still photos show that markings are much more subtle than in the video. (The Bee deck only has a single coat of solution and was difficult to photograph. While the Bicycle deck had 2 coats of solution and is more likely an accurate view of what a user of my marking solution will see.) 2) Like most magic/gambling secrets, 90% of what you are purchasing is the intellectual property of how to apply the solution, understand the marking patterns available to you and how to read the marks and gimmick the glasses without distorting normal vision. Once you read the detailed instructions I provide, with the color photographs, you have purchased the intellectual property and know the secret. Unfortunately, I can't ask you to return the knowledge which you have already obtained by reading my instruction manuscript. "

Catching Cheaters

The Catching Cheaters Tutorial Thread talks about things to look out for:
Thuzle suggests to analyze game play:
"Cheating can be done with moves that people can perfect to look exactly like normal card table practice. So even knowing partially what can be done to cheat doesn't mean you'll catch them if their doing something beyond what you know. The thing that I've heard on how to catch cheaters is not to look for the moves, but to analyze the gameplay for a cheater. This works especially well with superbly marked cards. You can't see the mark, but the people play like they know something more and there ya go. If you'd like more information on Cheating in a card game you can get Ortiz's Gambling Scams, Erdnase Expert at the Card Table, Forte Gambling Protection Series of videos, the Cardshark.us Site (Which uses much info from Ortiz's Gambling Scams and Sharps and Flats)."

Thuzle also mentions that some cheaters are good players even when they play stragiht:
"Common Mis-conception on cheaters is that they are bad at the various games they cheat at. That may hold true for some games like marbles, craps and such as they are mostly luck and thus anyone can be bad or good. But to be an efficent/proficient and money-making cheater for the sake of your livelyhood you have to have at least a very healthy knowledge of the game you're looking to cheat. That way you can learn which hands look natural, natural reactions and betting as so not to push others out of the pot. Getting the cards you need is only a small portion of any poker game, and it's difficult and stupid to cheat at betting the poker game (Such as String Betting, and its not like blackjack where you can add to the pot in order to get a higher payout. What you see is what you get, you could however bring in more chips to help with a tourney) You still have to utilize positions, sand bagging, not so much reads anymore because you make it your best hand and getting the most money into the pot. Now if you were a professional cheat you wouldn't even want to take all their money, but slowely fleece them of their cash and keep em in an enjoyable environment possibly by introducing certain hands to teh mix to provide excitment and funny stories. Amateur cheaters are those that most people think about, the kind that take an advantage here and there when they can. Not the same, so don't lump us up. "

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