Modern Clay Poker Chips

Modern Clay Poker Chips Reviews

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    Our Thoughts on Modern Clay Chips

    Like the InPlay Clay Chips, the Modern Clay chips are quite similar to Paulson chips. Given the quality of these chips, the price of less than $1 per chip is attractive. BuyPokerChips is targeting the Modern Clay to be the best value high-end chip on the market and I'd say they've done a nice job.

    Modern Clay Poker Chips

    Modern Clay Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for Modern Clay Poker Chips

    The Modern Clay Poker Chips are a little less than $1 each. Serious poker players who want nice chips should take a close look at these. Unlike some of the rare Paulson chips that are up to $2 each, these chips won't necessarily break the bank as long as you don't get a huge set.

    Modern Clay Poker Chips Appearance

    The dice on the labels look nice (not to be confused with the cheap 11.5g dice composites). The outside of the chips have all the cards represented in the following order:
    2, 4, 8, Q, 5, J, 7, 9, A, 3, 6, K, 10

    These chips look somewhat like Paulsons but the InPlay Clay chips look even more like Paulsons. The design on these chips is extremely detailed.

    Modern Clay Poker Chips Quality

    These are very high quality chips. They feel and sound just like casino chips.

    BuyPokerChips explains the planning that went into these chips:
    Our Modern Clay poker chip line was designed from the ground up over a five-month period to embody everything discriminating poker players’ want in a clay poker chip. We brought together seasoned gamblers, professional designers, and the family behind the most popular clay chip in the history of Vegas, the original Top Hat & Cane Chip. Our task? Dream up the perfect clay poker chip and make it a reality. Out of that collaboration came the unique and purposely designed “Courts & Numerals” mold, a new classic.

    They learned from the research and used it to make this remarkable chip:
    We found out pretty quickly that it’s the details that count when crafting the perfect clay poker chip. What makes this clay poker chip special? Every element of its design was knowingly designed to make it just right, such as:
    -The unmistakable clay touch and feel – the foundation of any great poker chip.
    -A well defined and distinctive mold – balanced, yet artful.
    -Highly refined base and dual edge spot color combinations – the colors are a key, yet often overlooked, element of a chips beauty.
    -A suction-inducing inlay cavity – a Vegas secret that keeps the chips stacked even when craps dice are flying everywhere.
    -A textured cross-hatched inlay surface – not flat and lifeless just because it’s easier to make.
    -Our already classic inlay design - enduring Laurel wreath and dice design.
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