Nevada Jacks Clay Poker Chips

Nevada Jacks Clay Poker Chips Reviews

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Our Thoughts on Nevada Jacks Clay Chips

The Nevada Jacks Clay poker chips are a lot like Paulson Poker Chips although the surface seems to be a little bit harder. The design is very clever. Folding the Jack of Spades card into the shape of Nevada is a nice touch.

Nevada Jacks Clay Poker Chips

Price Comparisons for Nevada Jacks Clay Poker Chips

These poker chips are about $1 each which is about right for clay chips with the same look and feel of Paulson Poker Chips.

Nevada Jacks Clay Poker Chips Appearance

The appearance of these poker chips is really cool. Each chip has dice adding up to lucky number 7. The red dice near the middle are 3 and 4 while the dice out on the edge are 5 and 2. There is a cactus plant on each side of the Jack of Spades card which is folded into the shape of the state of Nevada.

Nevada Jacks Clay Poker Chips Quality

These Nevada Jacks Clay Chips are outstanding quality, much like Paulson Poker Chips.

Read what Nevada Jacks says about the quality of these clay poker chips.
These clay chips are the best home gaming chip money can buy. The classic Nevada Jacks® line features the 'Nevada' mold used in Las Vegas back in the 60's. These unique chips and molds can't be found anywhere else in the market place.

Nevada Jacks Clay Poker Chips History

The Nevada mold was popular in the 1960s. Read what Nevada Jacks says about the resurrection of this legendary mold.
This new chip provides you with the opportunity to own true PROFESSIONAL, CASINO QUALITY gaming chips not found elsewhere in the market. We combined one of the industry's most respected chip makers with the original "Nevada" mold. We added our own design and the Nevada Jack story and created a unique and original CLAY CASINO CHIP just for the home player. This is our tribute to an era when Las Vegas was all about the characters, the cards and the CHIPS!

The creation of the Nevada Jacks chip began with the resurrection of the original "Nevada" mold which was popular in the 1960's. It was used by the Bud Jones Co. in making chips for the Aladdin, Sahara, Circus Circus, Flamingo and Lady Luck just to name a few!!! The mold was used for 34 casinos as listed in the US Chip Collectors Guide. To read more history of the mold click here. Next, these chips were compression molded from a highly guarded process only used for casino chips. Utilizing decades of experience, we created our own unique inlay design with traditional casino colors and color schemes. THE RESULT… a striking, professional, casino quality, HEAVY clay chip set in eight denominations.

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