Nexgen River Poker Tour Poker Chips

Nexgen River Poker Tour Poker Chips Reviews

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    Nexgen River Poker Tour Poker Chips

    It is said that the poker spread throughout the United States through River Boats. These Nexgen River Poker Tour Chips can be customized to give them that river type feeling. Folks tend to favor the Nexgens for customizations because they have a nice edge and they look good with custom labels.

    Nexgen River Poker Tour Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for Nexgen River Poker Tour Poker Chips

    Nexgen River Poker Tour Chips are relatively cheap at about 30 cents each. There are cheaper 11.5g import chips out there but they are not as nice as Nexgens.

    Nexgen River Poker Tour Poker Chips Appearance

    The appearance of the Nexgen River Poker Tour chips is simple which is why they are good for custom labels. The outside edge has a cowboy hat engraved. The way it is indented is similar to the way Paulson indents the hat and cane but this hat looks a lot different than the Paulson hat. They are a solid color except on the edges where they are splashed with a different color. The Nexgen chips look similar to clay-like chips because the paint around the edges is rough and unfinished.

    Nexgen River Poker Tour Poker Chips Quality

    The quality on Nexgens is better than the 11.5 import chips but it is still not as good as the expensive chips like Paulson chips. Even though these chips have a metallic slug in them it is well masked. These feel better than the cheap plastic 11.5g composite chips although I wish they weren't so slippery.

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