Gregory Wilson - On The Spot

[ Review by Homki June 2006 ]

Gregory Wilson - On The Spot Speed

Greg takes a considerable amount of time with each effect, both in the performance and explanation. No stone is left unturned.

Speed 5 stars

Gregory Wilson - On The Spot Communication Quality

Greg is able to talk to the audience, something that is actually very difficult to do. He acts like he is having a conversation with you, and the magic is like the weather. It's as if you two should be sitting in a park at a chessgame. Everything is able to be understood.

Communication 5 stars

Gregory Wilson - On The Spot Appearance

It looks very good. Very casual aura around this DVD, like the conversation I mentioned above. Excellent apperance. While there are no tuxes or fancy dresses, special editing and cool backrounds like a lot of XCM and Magic videos out there, it does have a professional air to this DVD.

Appearance 4 stars

Gregory Wilson - On The Spot Difficulty of Tricks Taught

Some tricks are fairly easy. Some are a bit difficult. A few require constant practice and concentration. There is a trick for every level.

Difficulty 5 stars

Gregory Wilson - On The Spot Teaching Quality

Greg is an excellent teacher. As I mentioned before, he has that ability to talk to you, not just explain. He can tell you the trick, explain it, and cover the little details in the style of a dinner conversation. After done talking, you feel like you know the trick left and right.

Teaching 5 stars

Gregory Wilson - On The Spot Quantity

13 tricks. With everyday items. Coins, watches, pens, keys, rings, napkins, even an section of Pick-pocketing. This has everything you need for a whole night of entertainment.

Quanity 5 stars

Gregory Wilson - On The Spot Price

Its $50 at, a bit pricey one might say for a DVD like this. I'd agree, but the worth pays for itself once you are able to master the effects and go out on the street with them. Recap Revisited and Ticker Taker, two effects on the DVD, are worth the price alone. It is, however, up there.

Price 4 stars

Gregory Wilson - On The Spot More Detailed Review

On The Spot, by Gregory Wilson is a magic DVD with everyday items, no props of your own needed. All of the effects presented can be done with stuff off a table, or borrowed from a spectator. 13 total effects, and at a reasonable price.

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