Jay Sankey's Paperclipped DVD

[ Review by Homki890 August 2005 ]

Paperclipped DVD by Jay Sankey - The Effect

The spectator takes any card out of the pack and signs it. You take it back, and place it on the deck. You then produce a folded card in a paperclip out of your pocket, saying its from another deck. Same back, just a different deck. You ask the odds that the folded is the same as the signed card. "1:52, right? Well, how about the possibility of two jokers? 1:54, good. Well actually, its 1:53, since the jokers are the same, but anyway". You take the paperclip off and show that out of a 1:54/53 chance, it's actually THEIR SIGNED CARD!

Paperclipped DVD by Jay Sankey - Speed

The basic flow of the DVD is a demonstration, how to do the effect, performance tips, and a small section of bonus tricks using the maneuver taught. It is spaced out among several sub-sections, and an appropriate amount of time is spent on each subject. Sankey covers every possible aspect of the trick, and at a manageable speed. You will need to go back a couple times, to see the explanation again, but Sankey's speed is very manageable, for beginners and experts alike.

Speed 5 stars

Paperclipped DVD by Jay Sankey - Communication Quality

Sankey teaches and entertains at the same time. It's fun learning with him. Sankey speaks out of confidence and experience, and it's a voice that you will listen to. He speaks clear, motions clear, and you can always get the message, while laughing at his quips.

Communication 5 stars

Paperclipped DVD by Jay Sankey - Appearance

Paperclipped is a trick that will require listening and watching to get. Sankey does both with flying colors. Multiple camera angles, Sankey even turns around so as to get a better shot of the trick.

Appearance 5 stars

Paperclipped DVD by Jay Sankey - Difficulty of Tricks Taught

Paperclipped is hard. No doubt about that. It will be, however, your new friend when you master it. It is, in my opinion, the BEST finale to any magic show. The techniques taught are not hard by themselves. Its the performance that makes it difficult, and believe me, people will scream their heads off when you show them.

Difficulty 5 stars

Paperclipped DVD by Jay Sankey - Teaching Quality

Sankey is the best teacher of magic I have seen to date. He's funny, intelligent, and just plain fun to watch. I sometimes pull out the DVD just to watch him teach. No cards anywhere near me, I just want to see the Man. He taught everything in the DVD at a nice, easy pace. He stopped every so often to give tips on practicing, polishing and performing. Thumbs up and hats off to Jay Sankey.

Teaching 5 stars

Paperclipped DVD by Jay Sankey - Quantity

About the only thing small about the DVD, it is a single trick DVD. However, some tricks that use the same maneuvers are also shown (Card to Egg is shown, and some tricks with business cards). Also, in addition to those, there are FIVE BONUS EFFECTS! Just some really cool card tricks that he teaches for the pure reason of teaching you some killer magic. In total, its about 8-10 tricks in total, but if you learn the technique's, you can triple that number by simply playing around.

Quantity 5 stars

Paperclipped DVD by Jay Sankey - Price

This DVD sells for 29.95 on penguinmagic.com, a middle ground price for a DVD. $30 might seem a bit steep, but the amount of reactions you will receive with this one trick, it instantly pays for itself. First time out, you will not regret paying the money. You will actually praise yourself for making such a good decision on buying the DVD.

Price 4 stars