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Paulson Hat and Cane Poker Chips Reviews and Information

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  • is recommended for these Paulson Chips. They gave us the samples used for the review. At around $1 per chip, their Paulsons are a great deal!

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    Our Thoughts on Paulson Chips

    Paulson calls these chips the Hat and Cane Chips. This is somewhat misleading because all Paulson home game chips have the signature hat and cane. In other words, the James Bond Paulson Chips and the Pharaoh's Paulson Chips also have the hat and cane but they are called James Bond and Pharaoh's respectively. The difference between the 3 chips is the label in the center. These regular hat and cane Paulson Chips have plain labels that have different denominations. The James Bond Paulson Chips and the Pharaoh's Paulson Chips have fancier labels but they are also more expensive than these plain Paulson Chips.

    Paulson Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for Paulson Poker Chips

    Paulson's are not cheap but the quality is unbeatable. Many people upgrade to Paulson after being unhappy with the cheaper sets.

    Paulson Poker Chips Appearance

    Paulson Poker Chips have the signature hat and cane engraved in the outer portions of the chips. Unlike the Pharaoh's and the James Bond Paulsons, the plain Paulson Chips have simple labels that are not too fancy. The edge spots on the chips match the base color nicely but there are a lot of colors to take in. When looking at the sides of Paulson Chips it is almost like looking at a rainbow.

    Paulson Poker Chips Quality

    Paulson chips are top quality. They are nice and soft compared to other chips. They feel like clay and they make a nice sound when they are banged against each other. Just under 10 grams, they are the same weight as chips used in casinos. In fact, many casinos use actual Paulson Chips with the signature hat and cane. Other casinos use chips made by Paulson but without the name and without the signature hat and cane. When folks talk about clay chips Paulson chips come to mind. Even though no chips are 100% clay, Paulson chips have the look and feel of clay.

    Paulson Chips in the Marketplace

    At about $1 per chips, Paulson chips are somewhat expensive but they are worth it. The old saying, "you get what you pay for" definitely applies here. Paulson chips are somewhat expensive but they are worth every penny.

    My Paulson Chips

    I got a sample pack of the Hat & Cane Paulson chips and I noticed several things. The first thing is that even though the labels are not as nice as the James Bond Paulson Chips and the Pharaoh's Paulson Chips, the other parts are just the same. For those on a budget it is probably best to save a few bucks and get the standard Paulson chips instead of the fancier James Bond Paulson Chips or Pharaoh's Paulson Chips. When choosing colors I recommend avoiding the white and the orange. I took my Paulson sample pack on a recent trip to Jamaica so that I could do chip tricks at the airport, on the plane and on the bus. I noticed that the white and orange chips started to show dirt right away but the darker colors did not show nearly as much dirt and grime. The chips that looked the cleanest at the end of the chip were the $5 red chip, the $10 blue chip and the $100 black chip.

    Denominations of Paulson Chips

    Like the James Bond Paulson Chips and the Pharaoh's Paulson Chips, the regular hat and cane Paulson Chips come in the following denominations:
    $25 green paulson chip
    $100 black paulson chip
    $500 purple paulson chip
    $1000 orange paulson chip

    Visit our Paulson Denominations page to see a chart of the different denominations.

    Why Paulson Chips are Cool

    Everyone wants "clay" chips but many people get fooled into buying chips that are not the quality they expected. Casinos know better, that is why many of the finest casinos in the world use Paulson Chips.

    Paulson Chips in our Forum

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