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Poker Gifts

Poker Chips, Poker Tables and Custom Poker Signs are all good gifts for 2006.

  • Poker Chip Keychain Sets get a gift pack of 3 poker chip key chains for as little as $5.
  • Custom Poker Signs are a nice way to add a personal touch. They are inexpensive but they look really cool!
  • Poker Chip Sets are always good. We only list the best companies for you to choose from, the bad ones have been weeded out!
  • Poker Tables are great gifts. The table tops are portable and inexpensive.
  • Custom Poker Card Guards are cool gifts. Get the name or initials of the recipient on the card guard! They are nice and small so the shipping costs are minimal.

  • Poker Gifts History
    2007 was another phenomenal year for poker. The wsop opened events in Europe and the rest of the world seemed to catch up with the US in terms of embracing poker.

    2006 was a year with more poker on television than ever. Poker novelties that used to be limited to gambling centers like Las Vegas are now all over the internet. I urge you to shop with reputable stores this holiday season. We're careful about the poker stores we link to so rest assured that we've researched the shops on this site.

    In 2005 the shops have more poker supplies than ever. The biggest change came in 2004 and the details are below...

    I went to the mall on Saturday October 16th 2004 and noticed that the stores were well stocked with poker gifts. The Robinsons May Store had poker gifts all over the place. Some of the more prominent gifts included poker chip gift sets and casino table gift sets. The aahs store had tons of poker gifts too. They had everything from WPT T Shirt gifts to chip set gifts. The kiosk was well stocked with poker chip gift sets too. Even the nearby ToysRUs had poker chip gifts. The chip gifts there were made by a company called CardinalGames. The 2004 Christmas Season beat all others in the past in terms of the volume of poker gifts available. Part of the reason is that young men can he difficult to shop for. Sure they smile and say thank you when they get a shirt or socks as a gift. That being said, we all know certain guys and gals who would prefer a poker related gift to anything else. Even if full poker chip gift sets are out of range then smaller poker gifts are still an option. Single chip rolls or cards of decks make nice stocking stuffer gifts. It makes sense, poker gifts are nice because the game is popular and there are a lot of fans out there. The sad part is that these poker gifts are not as easy to find online as they are in the mall. Part of the reason is because online poker sites sometimes come up ahead of actual stores when people search for poker gifts in Google. We've searched the internet to find some of the best poker gifts and they are laid out here on this page.

    Best Poker Gifts Online

    We've gone through some of the different poker gift opportunities online and listed them below. The poker chips on the left are also great gifts.

    300Pc 13.5Gram Pro Clay "Double Suit" Poker Chip Gift Set w/ Aluminum Case
    This set also comes with a white dealer button, 6 red dices and some playing cards. The playing cards are not just the average run of the mill cards. These cards make a great gift for WPT fans because they are the Official World Poker Tour(WPT) Playing Cards(and 2 packs are included). The double dice chips have a professional look to them, the set is a nice gift for poker players.

    Texas Holdem Poker Table Top + Tray + Deluxe Carrying Case 3 Fold
    Brand new and improved. This Texas Holdem poker table top has fine quality green felt covering both sides for a smooth playing surface. For convenience, it also has 8 removable plastic individually inserted trays for holding beverages and poker chips. This traditional design measures 79-inches by length, 36-inches by width which easily folds 2 ways into 36-inches x 20-inches for easy storage. It comes with a deluxe heavy-duty black nylon carrying case with double straps for convenient traveling. Improve your home game environment with this casino like poker table top with plenty of room for up to 8 or more players.

    New and improved green velour felt
    Table measures 79-inches x 36-inches (opened)
    Table measures 20-inches x 36-inches (folded)
    Table top design for easy storage
    Folds in 3 for easy storage
    8 Removable chip trays with drink holder
    Deluxe black nylon carrying case

    Poker Card Guards

    Poker card guards are gaining popularity quickly. The covers are fast becoming the next hot collectible. Playing poker is hot, especially Texas Hold'Em Poker. It is the fastest growing past time in America today. Poker professionals love card guards! Card covers protect your hand from accidental exposure, fouling or folding. Some people use special coins or other objects. These mini statuettes are unique. And they are used by the players themselves in major tournaments across the country! Watch for these on television. Each cover is exquisitely hand painted, showing outstanding detail, down to the color of the eyebrows! And each of these card covers come with their own colorful and classy retail-ready box along with a brief bio of each player on the back of the box. Never accidentally expose or fold your hand again!

    This card cover is of Phil Laak, otherwise known as "The Unabomber" because of the way he wears his hooded sweatshirt to avoid giving out tells. Phil Laak is quite a character and his fan base continues to grow.

    This card cover features Phil Hellmuth, "Poker's Bad Boy." Phil Hellmuth is one of the most famous poker players in the world. He has been seen taking quite a few bad beats on television and Phil has a reputation for not taking the beats well. Hellmuth once said that if it wasn't for luck he'd win every single one of the tournaments. One of the things that makes Phill Hellmuth great is his confidence. However, he does not respond well when the cards do not go his way. Love him or hate him, Phil Hellmuth is one of the most entertaining pros out there.

    Gus Hansen has a reputation for playing loose. I enjoy watching him play on tv becuase less experienced players try to play like Gus online. The problem for them is that they are not Gus Hansen. They thing because they see Gus do something on tv it must be easy. Hansen has helped the game in many ways by encouraging new players to be too loose. Gus Hansen has to be one of the most exciting players to watch, he is absolutely fearless.

    Antonio The Magician is a tremendous player. His poker chip tricks are featured on "The Nuts" segment on ESPN. Antonio recently wrote a great article for one of the poker magazines. His upbeat personality and can-do attitute make him one of the most energetic players in the game. Antonio The Magician has a big following and he always attracts a crowd.

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