Pool Tables

Standard pool tables are 8 feet long. Many homes do not have space for the 8 foot tables so some folks prefer to get the smaller 7 foot tables.

My Pool Table

I've been thinking about getting a pool table for some time now. Obviously I wanted to get the best possible table at the lowest possible price. However, the more time I spent researching options the more time I went without a table. I wanted to get a full 8 foot(96 inch) table but I couldn't find any deals that knocked my socks off. Things changed on my way home from a recent trip to the Bay Area. I happened to stop at a Costco on the way back and I saw a pool table. I liked it but there were 2 problems:
1. It was a 7 foot table, not an 8 foot table.
2. Costco doesn't deliver and I couldn't fit it in my truck.

I continued to think about that pool table and the amount of space needed to have room around a pool table. I also thought about all the good pool games we've had at my buddy Tyson's house on his 7 foot table. I decided to check Costco's web site and saw that they had the table. Also, if you buy it on their site then delivery is included in the price of the pool table. Costco mentioned an extra bonus with this pool table, it comes with a table tennis top. Now when I was researching pool tables on other sites I came across one that had table tennis tops and they were not cheap. I used to love ping pong as a kid and I figured this would be a nice bonus.

Finally I decided to buy this pool table. In the future I might upgrade to a fool 8 foot table but I figure this pool table will get a lot of use before that happens. I trust Costco because they have great prices and they carry quality merchandise. Don't get me wrong, I know this pool table is not the Rolls Royce of billiards but I think it will provide quality entertainment at a great price.

For more details on my pool table including setup info please view the my pool table page.

Here is a picture of the pool table I purchased:

Here is a picture of the table tennis top for the pool table:

Here is the desciption of the pool table from Costco:
"The versatile Sportcraft Billiard Table with Tennis Table Top combines two games in one for non-stop entertainment. Beautifully constructed with solid wood claw legs, elegant detailing, leather pockets and a light espresso finish. Includes all accessories.
Pool Table:
  • Solid wood/veneer/MDF
  • Solid wood claw legs
  • Solid wood trim
  • Light espresso finish
  • 45% wool blend green cloth
  • Leather pockets
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Includes: 2 57" 2-pc fiberglass billiard cues, 1 set billiard balls, 1 wood triangle, 2 cue chalk, 1 table brush
  • Dimensions: 84" L x 47" W x 31.5" H
  • Warranty: 1-year parts on parts, no labor

  • Tennis Table:
  • Green PVC laminate w/white screen print
  • Includes: 4 paddles, 4 pack of balls, net and pole
  • Dimensions: 5' x 9'
  • Warranty: 1-year parts on parts, no labor
  • "

    Brunswick Pool Tables

    Brunswick tables have been around since 1845. Since that time they have become one of the most recognized names in the world. Here is what they say about the company history,
    "By 1850, Brunswick tables were known around the world as masterpieces of original craftsmanship and design. The world has changed tremendously, but the Brunswick commitment to exceptional quality remains. John Moses Brunswick’s creative vision continues to thrive at Brunswick Billiards in Bristol, Wisconsin, where you’ll find over a century and a half of exceptional engineering and innovative style built into every table. A timeless tribute to excellence in design and workmanship, every model is backed by a lifetime warranty and has the best resale value in the industry."

    Some of the traditional Brunswick pool tables include the following:
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    Avalon Pool Table
    Bradford Pool Table
    Camden II Pool Table
    Greenbriar Pool Table
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    Olhausen Pool Tables

    Made in the USA, Olhausen tables are popular in many pool halls. They are aligned with NASCAR so it is not uncommon to see their tables with a racing theme.

    The story of Olhausen is an American Dream. As kids (Butch and Donny) grew up in New Mexico setting up and re-covering pool tables. Their site talks about them starting their company,
    "In the summer of 1969, Butch moved to California. Donny decided to follow in 1972. That's when the Olhausen boys started their own company, moving and re-covering pool tables. They also delivered new tables for a small manufacturing company in downtown San Diego. They charged $12 to deliver and install a new table, using Butch's classic '59 El Camino and paying for the gas. What a deal! They could be done with a delivery by 10:00 A.M. After that, they would go out and "pound the pavement" for any more work they could find.

    Then came what they thought was a great opportunity. The owner of the manufacturing company that they delivered for offered to sell them the business for $1000 and take a note back on the inventory. So in 1973, they took everything they had and bought the company lock, stock and barrel. That's when the world changed for them.

    The company they bought was making about 35 tables annually. The first year, their goal was to somehow double the business and sell 70 tables. Within two years, they were selling over 300. ©Olhausen Billiard Manufacturing, Inc. is now selling almost 30,000 tables a year in their 140,000-square-foot facility in Poway California. Still family- owned and operated, Butch, Donny and all the people at Olhausen® have consistently pursued a tradition of dedication to Quality, Service, Selection and Value. These attributes and four generations in the business have earned their company the title of 'The Best in Billiards®'"

    Be careful if you are trying to purchase a Olhausen table on the internet. Make sure you purchase the table from an authorized dealer!

    Some of the Olhausen Solid Wood Pool Tables include the following:
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    Kasson Pool Tables

    Kasson Pool Tables haven't been around as long as Brunswick tables but they have become quite popular since their inception in the 1980s. Some of the Kasson Pool Table Models include the following:
    Gentry Pool Table
    Tudor Pool Table
    Lanchester Pool Table
    Bentley Pool Table
    Voyageur Pool Table
    Squire Pool Table
    Aurora Pool Table
    Vermilion Pool Table
    Mission Pool Table