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  • Ewa Laurance Interview

    2005 Women's Pool Trick Shot Magic Champion Ewa Laurance took some time to answer our questions and we really appreciate it! Make sure you visit her site, strikingviking.com for more information about Ewa plus photos.

    1. You won the 2005 Women's Trick Shot Magic after being the runner-up in 2004. Aside from winning the whole thing what is your best memory from the tournament?

    Ewa Laurance
    Bruce Barthelette, also known as "The Big Guy", worked with me some leading up to the event and he showed me a shot he had invented. It's the shot where you have to jump the cueball as it's moving across the table and get it to go through the rack that's on its side and make a ball, all without flying the cue ball off the table. Close call as to what felt sweeter; making the shot, or seeing the expression on his face when I made it...

    2. ESPN edited the 2005 Women's Trick Shot Magic Finals so there were gaps. However, it looked like you were either leading or tied for the lead the entire time in the finals against Allison Fisher, is that right?

    Ewa Laurance
    I do believe that's correct, although she started to make a comeback halfway into the match which put a lot of pressure on me. She's such a great champion and strong competitor, I knew I wasn't home safe until that last ball was made.

    3. In the 2005 finals ESPN showed Allison's shot after the score was 6-6. Allison hit the 8 ball into the rail and it jumped 2 blocking balls. The idea was to then sink the object ball in the side pocket. She missed on both attempts but then you made her shot. When your opponent chooses a shot but then misses it how much does momentum change when you make it? In other words, on the scoreboard a made shot is 1 point regardless of the situation but on an emotional level is it more devastating for a player to miss the shot of her choice only to watch her opponent make it?

    Ewa Laurance
    No question! That was a big turnaround in the match for that exact reason. You know your opponent is going to pick shots she is most comfortable with, and sometimes they are shots you've never hit or even seen before. That means that when it's your turn to pick, you'd better make your point. Mentally, when you miss a shot you chose, then watch the other player make it, it's devastating. Not only that, but after a two game turnaround like that, you know that now it's her turn to pick, and you have no idea what's coming...

    4. How long has the "Striking Viking" nickname been with you?

    Ewa Laurance
    I'm not sure. Probably about ten years or so. Steve Tipton, the WPBA Tournament Director called me that in reference to me being from Sweden. I never wanted a nickname, but somehow it stuck. When I started my website, EWA.com was taken, so it became StrikingViking.com instead...

    5. It has been said that you have won all of pool's major tournaments. Which tournament win pleased you the most?

    Ewa Laurance
    Obviously winning World Championships, US Opens and National Championships are the big feathers in your cap, and they all were incredible. However, I think winning my first major, the European Championship, felt the best since it was the first...

    6. How much time do you spend practicing trick shots in an average week? How much time do you spend practicing regular shots in an average week?

    Ewa Laurance
    I practice most of my trickshots when I do exhibitions. When there is a trickshot tournament coming up, I spend hours on end working on the shots I'll be shooting, and I also go through the hundreds of shots my opponent may shoot. Mostly I practice my 14.1, 8 ball and 9 ball game. How much depends on my schedule.

    7. What is your favorite trick shot?

    Ewa Laurance
    A shot I call "The Andy." A great trickshot artist named Andy Segal taught me how to shoot it and it's a phenomenal shot that requires a great stroke. It's pretty to look at too...

    8. Who is your toughest opponent in 9-ball? 8-ball? Trick Shot Magic?

    Ewa Laurance
    Always Allison. As a cueist, she's the most powerful and consistant. Karen Corr is also up there, of course but she doesn't compete in the trickshot events. Gerda Hofstatter, Ga Young Kim, Jeanette Lee and Kelly Fisher are also strong all around players.

    9. It is said you were the 6th woman inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame. It must have been an amazing experience. What memories do you have from that milestone?

    Ewa Laurance
    Obviously, being mentioned in the same breath as so many legends through the history of the game was almost overwhelming. Incredible. My husband and daughter were there and so were many of my friends and it was so cool to be able to share it with them. I remember standing up at the podium when they were introducing me, thinking back throught he years to all the amazing experiences I've had because of this game and how lucky I've been. I don't feel old enough yet to think of myself as a Hall of Famer though, and I am not planning on being done racking up the wins quite yet...

    10. As a former model do you notice any similarities between modeling and billiards when everyone is watching you?

    Ewa Laurance
    Yes and no. Yes for the obvious reasons, no because pool is not as judgemental as modelling. Part of what I hated about modelling was the lack of control I had. I admit I'm a bit of a control freak, and in modeling you have none. Someone sits and looks at you, or pictures of you and decides if you are going to make a living that week or not. In pool, if I make the last nine ball and win the game, I get the trophy and the money....

    11. Favorite pool hall? favorite restaurant, favorite song, anything else you want to share with us?

    Ewa Laurance
    My favorite pool room has only one table. It's my Brunswick Montibello, and it's in my house. I love to play golf and play in a lot of charity golf events and my other passion is gardening. We have three horses, four dogs and two cats, all here at the house and after days on the road, there is no better place than home...

    21ace can't thank Ewa enough for answering our questions!

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