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Trick Shot Questions? Ask Masse World Champ Eric Yow in the Pool Trick Shot Forums.

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  • Stefano Pelinga Interview

    2005 Pool Trick Shot Magic Champion Stefano Pelinga was kind enough to answer some questions for us. We urge you to visit his stefanopelinga.com site and check out his pool trick shot dvds.

    1. In the 2002 ESPN Trick Shot Magic finals the announcer said that you told Rossman that you hated the speed shots. Is that true? Are the speed shots your least favorite trick shots?

    Stefano Pelinga
    Yes, they are! I always refused to practice any speed shot as I firmly believe that speed is more of a physical quality and does not pertain to pool or billiards. Shooting fast or behind the back or (ironic grin) under the leg, involves some physical conditions that some players might not have and are more juggling acts than anything else. In pool and billiards the technique we must be familiar with are the extreme draw, follow, stroke, jump and massé shots. Everything else does not belong to pool. I personally think that anyone performing those juggling acts as well as shots that involve very unusual props, gives a wrong, almost derogative representation of the sport and therefore should never be taken too seriously.

    2. In the 2005 ESPN Trick Shot Magic Tournament you beat Tom Rossman in the second round and went on to win the entire tournament. Who was your toughest opponent that year?

    Stefano Pelinga
    I must say that, as always, my toughest opponent is Mike Massey although I must admit that Nick Nikolaidis skills improved a lot and fast recently.

    3. How much time do you spend practicing trick shots in a given week?

    Stefano Pelinga
    When I am lucky, I get to practice about 10 hours per week. Not much!

    4. Does the crowd influence your level of play?

    Stefano Pelinga
    Sure! The crowd makes me feel good and I would say that "the more the better"!

    5. Are you still serving as a police office for the government in Rome?

    Stefano Pelinga
    Yes, I am still serving as a Police officer for my Government in Italy. I have been in the force for almost 22 years. I'd like to add that I love my job but it's very hard to keep working full time and at the same time to keep up with those great players out there. So far I did pretty good, becoming the most accomplished and popular pool Trick Shot champion ever, second only to my good friend Mike Massey. Sometimes I wonder if God will give me the strength to keep doing all what I have done.

    21ace - fattyonadiet
    6. What is the key to being successful at trick shots?

    Stefano Pelinga
    I guess that, to become a good trick shot artist, first of all you need to love the sport and be able to give up a lot of things for it. Personally I remember to have skipped parties, discos, even school and sometimes dates (shaking my head in disbelief) when I was younger, only to go to play pool and meet all my friends at the pool hall. More interesting is that I never regretted it. Then, of course, you need to have some talent and to commit yourself to the sport that requires many hours of practice every day, for months and years. In addition, you need to study all the geometrical and physical principles that can be learnt from good books like my friend Bob Byrne's.

    21ace - fattyonadiet
    7. They say you can perform trick shots that no-one else can, what makes you so skillful? What's your secret?

    Stefano Pelinga
    I guess all the committments I just listed above finally paid me back and gave me the knowledge to handle just about any existing shot. It's extremely important to know how to adjust different cues to different shots and those are secrets I'll keep as such for many years to come!

    21ace - fattyonadiet
    8. Do you have a special type of cue you like to use? any special balls you particularly like?

    Stefano Pelinga
    I love the way the cue I am now endorsing play: using the CueMasters cue, along with a Tiger X-Shaft, a Tiger Sniper tip and stack leather wrap, I can now take care of over 80% of the shots of my repertoire. One cue replaced wonderfully the two cues and 5 shafts I had to use before. As for pool balls, I like the Aramith Super Pro with the red-dotted cueball.

    21ace - fattyonadiet
    9. Do you enjoy playing normal billiards? do you practice you normal game much or does all your time go into practicing trick shots?

    Stefano Pelinga
    I like each and every game but I don't get to play anything else than Trick Shots very often. When I do have some spare time, I particularly love to play 3-cushion billiards, artistic billiards and Straight Pool.

    21ace - DeadPeopleAllOver
    10. Other than yourself, is there anyone you enjoy watching, whether it's trick shot billiards, 9-ball, whatever?

    Stefano Pelinga
    I love to watch any other player playing any kind of game on the green cloth, maybe with the only exceptions of the jugglers I mentioned before: if I want to see them, I'd rather go to the circus!

    21ace - DeadPeopleAllOver
    11. Who's your toughest opponent?

    Stefano Pelinga
    Once again, Mike Massey!

    21ace - DeadPeopleAllOver
    12. Who is your least favorite opponent? You know there's at least one guy you can't stand to play against... probably Mike Massey That guy looks like he rubs everyone the wrong way. lol

    Stefano Pelinga
    No, I love to compete against Mike and basically against anyone who is not a juggler. That really irritates me!

    21ace - DeadPeopleAllOver
    13. What's your greatest accomplishment in trick shot billiards thus far?

    Stefano Pelinga
    Winning the "Trick Shot Magic" in 2005 which nowadays is considered the equivalent of a World Title, if not better.

    14. Favorite pool hall? favorite restaurant, favorite song, anything else you want to share with us?

    Stefano Pelinga
    My favorite pool room is in my home town, Rome, and is the "Laser Club" in Via Matteo Bartoli 256. I have several preferred restaurant and it's hard not to as I still live most of the time in Rome. My favorite song is "Everybody loves Somebody" performed by my all time idol and favorite entertainer Dean Martin!

    21ace can't thank Stefano enough for answering our questions!

    Here is what the stefanopelinga.com site says about Stefano's DVDs:
    Stefano Pelinga Ultimate Trick Shots DVD
    This DVD does not need any other endorsement: it’s simply the best DVD ever made on Trick Shots. The image quality, duration and the difficulty of the shots Stefano performs (most of which no other player has ever accomplished) gift the millions of Trick Shot fans worldwide with a unique thrill. World Champion Stefano Pelinga delights his audience with his fascinating talent and extremely useful technical advice. Even amateurs will benefit from his ambitious task of teaching how to perform his amazing shots through video. Provided there is no better instructor than Stefano, the generous content of this video alone makes it worth the buy. Mr. Pelinga’s natural laid-back style and charisma endear him to fans even during a few “bloopers”. Prepare yourself for some truly mind-blowing shots.

    Starting Jan. 2006 look for the new instructional DVDs of Stefano in favorite billiards retailer. “ULTIMATE TRICK SHOTS” Vol. 1 and 2 are by far the best pool video ever made: the shots Stefano executes are amazing, outrageous, breath-taking, and although most of them have never been made by any other champion, Stefano explains them so well to give you the concrete possibility to approach them and prove yourself they are not so impossible!

    The Magic of Trick Shots
    Almost an hour of exciting performance for billiards fans during which Stefano Pelinga gives an unrepeatable example of extraordinary throws, performed with the faultless mastery that made him an appreciated and admired champion all over the world. A wise commentary of Girolamo Sansosti, physicist and scholar of billiards, will lead you through the secrets of the artistic pool. Technique and fantasy in service of performance. Marbles that take a lift and hover, that climb up slopes and go downhill, that leave, brake and back up. Unimaginable devilments and magic inventions get out of the cue of a green-cloth champion like Stefano Pelinga. Marbles look like magnets: putting them into a hole seems to be a child's play, but it is not like that indeed. Try to believe.

    Here are pictures of Stefano's DVDs.
    Pool Trick Shots DVD

    Pool Magic of Trick Shots DVD
    FTR has Poker Tools plus Poker Videos and Poker Tells. The Order of Poker hands is good for rookies.

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