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    MagicMakersInc. - Showoff With Cards

    [ Review by Homki890 August 2005 ]

    MagicMakersInc. - Showoff With Cards Speed

    One thing good about this dvd is that it is arranged in difficulty levels, ranging from level 1-5, 1 being easiest, 5 being hardest. There is a demonstration of the trick/flourish, and then an explanation. The proper amount of time is spent on each, the harder ones getting more time, and the easier getting a good explanation. It does get a little boring to listen to, but it is really only like that for the basic moves. Every thing else is pretty entertaining.

    Speed 5 stars

    MagicMakersInc. - Showoff With Cards Communication Quality

    The teacher (I can't remember his name the top of my head) explains everything. Every explanation is talked through first, then done again a little faster, then again faster. Each time the teach runs through the steps, so you wont be able to get lost.

    Communication 5 stars

    MagicMakersInc. - Showoff With Cards Appearance

    Black coat, Black background, all you can see basically is the hands. During teaching, the camera is over his shoulder most times, so you can see his back a bit. It looks nice and professional.

    Appearance 5 stars

    MagicMakersInc. - Showoff With Cards Difficulty of Tricks Taught

    The flourishes span from fairly easy to quite difficult, which suits me perfectly. You can work through the dvd like you read a book: Progressively. You start at the beginning, and work your way to the top.

    Difficulty from 1 to 5 stars

    MagicMakersInc. - Showoff With Cards Teaching Quality

    Teaching is one low point about it. The teaching, while good, is not all that good. It all kind of sounds the same, and its not very engaging. You have to be serious in learning if you want to benefit from this dvd.

    Teching 3 stars

    MagicMakersInc. - Showoff With Cards Quantity

    There is a CRAPLOAD of stuff on this dvd, all at various levels. If you want some cool moves for a nightly poker game, or for your friends at school, this has so much stuff, you'll have enough for at least 6 months, and you'll still be learning.

    Quanity 5 stars

    MagicMakersInc. - Showoff With Cards Price

    For 29.95, it's a bargain. Most dvds that offer XCM, flourishes or just some cool moves run up there into the $35+ region. This is the best price I've ever seen.

    Price 5 stars

    FTR has Poker Tools plus Poker Videos and Poker Tells. The Order of Poker hands is good for rookies.

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