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    Tally Ho Playing Cards Reviews

    Our thoughts on the Tally Ho Playing Cards

    Tally Ho playing cards are the cards of choice for performers. Jerry says he likes them even better than Bicycle Cards in the XB DVD. Bicycle Cards are great for practice but Tally Ho cards are better for live performances. Remember, these are the cards of choice for flourishes and magic but that does not necessarily make them a good card for playing poker. In fact, the plastic KEM cards are better for playing poker because they last longer.

    Price Comparisons for Tally Ho Playing Cards

    Tally Ho cards are fairly inexpensive. Unlike the plastic KEM cards they can be purchased for a few dollars per pack. That said, they are more expensive than other paper cards like Bicycles. Think of Tally Ho cards as between Bicycle Cards and KEM Cards in price but closer to the Bicycle Number.

    Tally Ho Playing Cards Appearance

    The fan design on the back of the Tally Ho cards is special. It looks outstanding when there are a bunch of Tally Ho cards grouped together (like in a big fan).

    Tally Ho Playing Cards Flourish and Magic Quality

    As mentioned earlier, Tally Ho Cards are the best cards for magic performances. They don't crimp as easily as Bicycle Cards and when they do crimp it is easier to get them back to normal. They have a more protected surface than Bicycle Cards (even though both are paper). Also, they look better than Bicycle Cards on the back. Bicycle Cards are also good for magic and flourishes but more on the practice side.

    Tally Ho Playing Cards Poker Quality

    Tally Ho cards don't last as long as plastic cards but they do all right, especially if you buy a brick of 12. Tally Ho cards might be the best paper cards for poker. Most people agree that plastic cards are better for poker though.

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