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Viper Fan

Tally Ho Viper Playing Cards Reviews

Our thoughts on the Tally Ho Viper Playing Cards

Tally Ho Cards are well known in the XCM world because they are ideal for performances. The Viper Tally Hos look cooler than the regular Tally Ho cards and that is saying a lot.

Here is what Ellusionist says about these cards:
Enter the Viper... black, reverse-image playing cards with a buffed, metallic SILVER finish. The Viper injects elegance and forceful authority into a deck that was already spectacular.

The technologically advanced UV500 Air-Flow Finish makes flourishing a breeze and pure joy.

Thickest, creamiest card stock in existence for buttery handling and feel previously used only in top exclusive casinos.

Price Comparisons for Tally Ho Viper Playing Cards

The Tally Ho Viper deck is slightly more expensive than both the Bicycle Black Tiger deck and the Bicycle Ghost deck. That said, many peformers insist on using Tally Ho cards. Spending $7.99 for this deck of cards is not a lot of money considering the quality of these cards.

Tally Ho Viper Playing Cards Appearance

The Tally fan backs look great when there are a whole bunch of cards. This is mentioned in Xtreme Beginnerz. The Viper decks are nice because they stay inside the black/white/red theme.

Tally Ho Viper Playing Cards Flourish and Magic Quality

Tally Ho cards are great for flourishes but the Vipers may not be the best choice for magic depending on the audience. Suspicious audiences assume that rare decks are gaffed so it might be best to go with a plain Tally Ho or Bicycle deck depending on the crowd.

Tally Ho Viper Playing Cards Poker Quality

Again, folks get suspicious when they see decks that are rare. That said, these Vipers look really cool and I would love to play poker with them.

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