Daniel Garcia - Torn

[ Review by endeffects August 2005 ]

Daniel Garcia - Torn Speed

This DVD walks you through the steps of the Torn effect. Garcia talks about angles and moves and makes sure you can get the idea before moving on to a new piece of the effect. The Speed of this DVD is setup so you can follow along, but I would recommend watching it multiple times.

Speed 4.5 stars

Daniel Garcia - Torn Communication Quality

Daniel Garcia goes through this effect in excellent detail. He wants to make sure you the viewer are getting all the information to do his effect properly. He jumps in and explains what angle you should be at and uses different camera angles to show you were you should be positioned. Opposite colored backed cards are used in the explanations so it is very easy to follow what is happening and make sure your angles are good.

Communication 5 stars

Daniel Garcia - Torn Appearance

Daniel is very professional with his effects, he wants them to get across well and he does it properly. The camera use is good and it shows two different camera angles while he is teaching the effect. The camera is not shaky and the video has good speech and visual qualities.

Appearance 4.5 stars

Daniel Garcia - Torn Difficulty of Tricks Taught

This has been debated, for someone who has been handling cards it may seem very easy and for those who have not been around cards long it may seem very hard, like most things. The trick itself is not difficult but the presentation makes the effect more appealing.

Difficulty 3 stars

Daniel Garcia - Torn Teaching Quality

Daniel goes through the steps in order; Daniel makes sure you know what to do and when to do it. He uses extra material to make it easy to learn and to ensure that you learn it in the fastest possible way while still doing it smooth. He is really good at explaining the effect and also pokes out a couple of jokes to keep you into the video.

Teaching 5 stars

Daniel Garcia - Torn Quantity

Even though this is a nice trick it is only a one trick dvd.

Quanity 2 stars

Daniel Garcia - Torn Price

For one effect you may not think it is worth it, but if you were paying for reactions alone… there is no reason to complain. For the material you get the price seems unfair but all in all if you want a good effect you can keep doing for years this is worth it.

Price 3 stars

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