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Spinettis Poker Chips
Chip Avg Wt.
Modern-Clay poker chips 4.9 9.0
Lucky-Lady-Custom-Chipco poker chips 4.8 10.0
Paulson poker chips 4.8 9.8
Lucky-Symbols-Ceramic poker chips 4.8 10.0
Custom-Chipco poker chips 4.8 10.0
James-Bond-Paulsons 4.7 9.8
Turf-Club 4.7 10.0
Pharaohs-Paulson 4.7 9.8
Martini-Lounge-Ceramic 4.7 10.0
Nevada-Jacks-Clay 4.7 9.0
BR-Pro-Tourney 4.7 10.0
Nevada-Jacks 4.7 10.0
BR-Pro-Tiki-Kings 4.7 10.0
Chipco 4.7 10.0
lynbark-custom 4.7 10.0
Nexgen 4.6 12.0
Ace-King-14g 4.6 14.0
Crystal-Oyster-Chipco 4.6 10.0
Archetype 4.6 10.0
Desert-Sands 4.6 10.0
Custom-Nexgen 4.5 12.0
Poker-Pad-Ceramic 4.5 10.0
Nexgen2 4.5 12.0
BR-Pro-Costa-Palma-Casino 4.5 10.0
Las-Vegas-Casino 4.5 11.5
Rounders-Casino-Chipco 4.4 10.0
Vegas-Metal-Coin 4.4 11.5
Newcastle-Chipco 4.4 10.0
Nexgen-River 4.4 12.0
InPlay-Clay 4.4 8.8
4-Aces 4.4 11.5
Ace-King-Suited 4.4 11.5
Texas-Holdem 4.4 11.5
Suited 4.4 11.5
Personalized-Chipco 4.3 10.0
World-Series-Of-Poker 4.3 10.0
Viva-Las-Vegas 4.3 9.0
Las-Vegas-Choppers 4.3 11.5
135g-Clay-Double-Suited 4.3 13.5
13-Gram-Clay-Casino 4.3 13.0
Ace-Jack-Suited 4.3 11.5
135g-Stripe-Suited 4.2 13.5
James-Bond-Fantasy 4.2 9.0
Tri-Color-Suited 4.2 11.5
Apache-Chipco 4.2 10.0
Custom-Texas-Holdem 4.2 12.0
Strip-Poker 4.2 11.5
9g-Clay-Las-Vegas 4.2 9.0
Custom-Ace-King-Suited 4.1 12.0
Royal-Flush 4.0 13.5
High-Roller 4.0 11.5
Yin-Yang 4.0 11.5
World-Poker-Tour 4.0 10.0
Neophyte 4.0 12.0
Holdem-Suited 3.9 11.5
Tangiers 3.9 16.0
All-In 3.9 10.5
Tri-Color-Double-Dice 3.9 11.5
Casino-Ace 3.8 11.5
Dice 3.8 11.5
9g-Las-Vegas-Blackjack 3.3 9.0
Deluxe-Diamond 3.3 11.5
9g-Capones-Casino 3.0 9.0
Harley-Davidson 3.0 11.5
95g-Thunder-Bird-Casino 3.0 9.5
9g-Holdem-Or-Foldem 2.9 9.0

   Poker Chips and Playing Cards Home » Poker Chips Ratings » World Poker Tour Poker Chips

World Poker Tour Poker Chips

World Poker Tour Poker Chips
  • Get the World Poker Tour Poker Chips at PokerNStuff for about 20 cents per chip.
  • World Series of Poker Poker Chips

  • Get this World Series of Poker Poker Chips at PokerNStuff for about 20 cents per chip.

  • Click Here to post your review of these poker chips

    World Poker Tour Poker Chips Ratings

    Chips from TV
    by ogot @ 02, Feb 2007

    Price: 4/5 Appearance: 5/5 Quality: 4/5

    These chips are slippery and the sides chip off after a few months of continuous dropping while doing chip tricks with them. Otherwise, they're a go for poker games since they really make you feel like you're playing on a televised show. They make a nice sound when clicking together and stack relatively straight. Overall, not one of the best, but something good to start with if you're not into ordering or if your country is hard to ship to(bought these in a store selling pool equipment and outdoor tools, first I've seen in my country). They're more expensive this way though, unless you buy a lot and pay marginally less per chip for shipping.

    WPT = Will Peel Twice
    by Scruffy @ 08, Jan 2007

    Price: 4/5 Appearance: 4/5 Quality: 3/5

    When I first saw, felt and heard these chips I was delighted, they sound great and the look is cool and the logo is obviously a reason to make your home game feel a little special. My problem is that I enjoy playing around with my chips and found that these began to stack peculiarly and sound strange. On inspection I found the stickers had lifted on a number of chips and come off on both sides of one. most disappointing!

    World Poker Tour Chips
    by Eric @ 12, Dec 2006

    Price: 4/5 Appearance: 4/5 Quality: 4/5

    These wpt chips are quite nice. The 20 cent per chip price is excellent. The appearance is cool and the quality is fine.


    Our Thoughts on the World Poker Tour Poker Chips
    These chips won't turn you into Gus but you should still have fun with them. They are 10 ounces which is a fine weight. The price on these is excellent...20 cents each. If you like the look of the wpt then you'll like these chips.

    Here is a description on these wpt poker chips from PokerNStuff:

    If you're looking for chips that feel and sound exactly like a chip from a casino, "You've found it!" All of our AC- prefix chips are prepared carefully to ensure the cohesiveness of the clay material. These chips are made with over 99% all clay material. Another great feature is the metal insert is removed. NO METAL INSERT! The quality is bar none. Take a test drive. We won't let you down! Its easy to choose your color preference, just click on the above personalized drop down menu and add each color to your cart one at a time. Improve your home games with these all clay professional 10 gram casino poker chips.


    White $1 Red $5 Blue $10 Green $25 Black $100 Each order includes 1 bundle of 50 chips 10g casino grade Chips are made of all clay material No metal insert World Poker Tour Design - Replica *This is as close to a casino chip you will find for this price.

    Price Comparisons for World Poker Tour Poker Chips

    At 20 cents each these chips are a bargain!

    World Poker Tour Poker Chips Appearance

    The wpt logo looks like the images people are used to seeing on the travel channel. These will definitely remind fans of the wpt. They did a nice job on the design.

    World Poker Tour Poker Chips Quality

    Unlike the 11.5g composite chips, these do not make a nasty noise when clicking together. The quality on these is fine for most home games.

       Poker Chips and Playing Cards Home » Poker Chips Ratings » World Poker Tour Poker Chips

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