De'vo - Xtreme Beginnerz

[ Review by deathorglory September 2005 ]

De'vo - Xtreme Beginnerz Speed

Overall the speed is just fine. Since it is done by De'vo, you can bet that he goes over the explanations many times, and gets multiple angles of it at the same time.

Speed 5 stars

De'vo - Xtreme Beginnerz Communication Quality

De'vo only uses text in his explanations, but they are very descriptive, and it is not hard to learn from at all. Jerry Cestkowski also speaks very clear during his sections of the dvd.

Communication 5 stars

De'vo - Xtreme Beginnerz Appearance

Appearance-Great to look at, flashy backgrounds that don't get in the way when you try to view them, and you can still see everything that they want you to see. Pure eye candy.

Appearance 5 stars

De'vo - Xtreme Beginnerz Difficulty of Tricks Taught

This is a beginners dvd, so you can bet that all the moves are pretty simple to learn. Also, because they are the basics, many more moves and combo ideas are offered to spice things up.

Difficulty 1 star

De'vo - Xtreme Beginnerz Teaching Quality

The teaching is wonderful, De'vo teaches through text, but there is not lack of understanding it. Jerry, Daryl, and Jeff both explain very well in their appropriate sections of the dvd as well.

Teaching 5 stars

De'vo - Xtreme Beginnerz Quantity

It is a two disc set, so you can bet there is lots of stuff on this dvd. The first dvd has finger excercises, information about card choices, basic moves and several performance tips. The second dvd contains a one hour fanning workshop, which has some great pointers on fans. Finally, the Q section wraps up the second dvd, which shows the progress of a complete beginner and even offers other tips that can't be found elsewhere.

Quanity 5 stars

De'vo - Xtreme Beginnerz Price

$40 for a two disc set with more material than you can shake a stick at, what more do I need to say? Buy this dvd!

Price 5 stars

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