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Blackjack Books
1. Professional Blackjack
by Stanford Wong
2. The Worlds Greatest
Blackjack Book
by Lance Humble Ph.D.
3. Beat The Dealer
by Edward Thorp

Good Rules
Late Surrender
Dlr Stands on Soft 17
Dbl After Split

Bad Rules
Continuous Shuffle
Dlr Hits on Soft 17
No Soft Dbls
No Resplits

All serious poker players considering trying their luck at online poker should first read this comprehensive article, which explains the rules and recommends the best poker rooms to play in.

Poker and Blackjack Book Information

Our Gambling Book Reviews

Blackjack Book Reviews
The World's Greatest Blackjack Book Basic Strategy is explained in detail in this book. Lance Humble makes the point that the reader cannot begin to count cards until he or she has a thorough understanding of basic strategy. He explains that readers must be able to play blackjack for hours without making basic strategy errors before using counting as an effective strategy.
Professional Blackjack This book contains a solid math background. Stanford Wong explains the importance of knowing the odds and how they change throughout the game of blackjack.
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Poker Book Reviews
Poker Aces by Ron Rose takes a look at the best poker pros in the game. This huge book has tons of color photographs and all kinds of stories and information about the legends of poker.
Winner's Guide to Texas Hold'em Poker This book by Ken Warren was written for low limit players. He explains betting strategies before the flop, after the flop, on the turn and on the river.
Tournament Poker for Advanced Players This book David Sklansky covers tournaments for many different poker games including texas hold'em.
Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players The title of this book is accurate. David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth wrote it for advanced players who already have a solid background in hold'em.
The Theory of Poker Sklansky covers all aspects of poker in this book. Everything from betting strategy to reading hands to psychology is addressed.
Caro's Book of Poker Tells Mike Caro explains how tells work when opponents are unaware of tells as well as when opponents are acting and giving misleading tells.

Blackjack And Poker in Las Vegas and California

Blackjack and Poker are two of the most popular games in Las Vegas and I enjoy them both. Both blackjack and poker require skill in the long run. Games like roulette are pure luck but blackjack and poker are thinking games. In Vegas I've had a lot of fun playing Texas Hold'em Poker at the Bellagio and at the Palms. Blackjack has also been a good game for me. I've had good nights at Harrahs and The Rio. I've had some bad blackjack experiences at Luxor, Bellagion and Monte Carlo.

Poker strategy is more complicated than Blackjack strategy, there are more variables. Playing blackjack is relatively easy once the basic strategy chart is thoroughly memorized and the concept of counting cards is understood. Poker is a different story. Similar to blackjack basic strategy, there are some guidelines to the starting hands but unlike blackjack, there is more than math to the game. Entire books have been written on the Psychology of Poker. Mike Caro has a book of tells which allows players to know whether or not an opponent has a hand. David Sklansky teaches the Theory of Poker which basically states that whenever you play a hand differently than you would have if the cards were exposed than you have made a mistake. Sklansky, Caro and other authors are discussed in our book review section.

Living in Los Angeles, I've made plenty of trips to Vegas over the years. Some of them have been similar to the experience in the movie Swingers where we're very excited about the trip at first. However, 4 hours later when the car pulls up on the strip some of the enthusiasm can be lost due to the drive. Flying is another nice option, especially since you don't need a car out there. One of the problems with the drive is the traffic. If there are no other cars on the road then one can go from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 4 hours easy. Unfortunately the traffic can get so bad that the trip can take up to 12 hours. This is one of the reasons I prefer to fly there now.

Southern California has some of the biggest poker rooms in the world. Several World Poker Tour episodes have noted that the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles is huge. Having played there, I can verify that it is indeed a big establishment. I've also played at Hollywood Park in Inglewood. It is next to the Great Western Forum where the Lakers used to play before moving to the Staples Center. Blackjack in California is another story. Unfortunately it is different from the standard Las Vegas game. They call it California Blackjack and the rules make it a completely different game.

Book Reviews from our forum

Here is what pokerfanatic01 wrote about various poker books in our forum:
First I’ll talk about “Mike Caro's Book of Tells”, this book is great. This was the first book I bought, I knew already how to sort of look for tells and a ctually spotted a couple in some of my friends, but my friends are either really tight or really loose, so it wasn't real hard. This book gave me a new insight into tells, I read about half of it and played a live game and noticed about 15 to 25 more tells then if I wouldn't have read the book, even half way! Now that I’m done with the book completely I haven’t played in a live game which sucks! I find myself sharpening up on the photo quiz at the end of the book to keep them fresh in my mind. This is a must buy book in my opinion.

The other book I bought was Phil Hellmuth's “Play Poker Like the Pros”. It is an ok book it thought me how to read peoples style of play, note I read only the Hold’em sections in the book thus far and read it before Caro's book, but he gives names to the types of players you will run into. These "Animal Types" are The mouse(tight player), The lion(a tough player that plays fairly tight but doesn't limit to only top ten hands), The jackal(loose and wild), the elephant("calling station"), and the eagle(one of the top 100 poker players, might not see this player but in the highest stacks games). Some people might look down on the theory he uses when betting, but he also says he's betting and what he does in situations relays a lot on reading his opponents but if you can read and use his advance you could be a strong player. I suggest this book as a second self type book, great for a different prospectus of how to play.

The next book I read was “Ken Warren's Taxes Hold'em”. This book is also a second self type book in my opinion, good book for beginners and has a lot of stats and odds, but other then that if you know a decant amount about the game this book only sheds light on the mathematics. This book is geared for a player that has very little to almost no knowledge of the game, well that how it seemed to me. But it did give me a new way to play different types of hands, added another gear I guess you could say so that's always a good thing. I recommend the book for beginners or intermediate players, maybe advanced player looking for a new type of style or another gear.

The last book on the list is the Poker Bible. This book is amazing how easy it is to read and also how in-depth it goes. I can see why Texas Dolly had to change his style after publishing this book. He gives away a ton of information! This is a great thing for beginners, intermediate, and semi-advanced because it gives great details, a solid gear to switch to if need be. This book is on the pricey side but well worth it in my opinion and I have only read the limit Hold’em section! I found this book by pure luck at Sam's Club for 16.88 plus local tax! What a deal on a book as great as this, the list price is like 30 dollars.