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    Welcome to 21Ace, my name is Eric and I'll be your guide. Tricks are the name of the game here. We enjoy chip tricks, card tricks and pool trick shots. If you want to learn how to do cool tricks then you've come to the right place! If you're doing poker chip tricks then there's a good chance you play poker. There is no better poker site than

    Our Poker Chip Tricks Videos sister site has videos for the poker chip trick magazine articles I've written. It is definitely the place to start for folks learning chip tricks and for those who enjoy poker games.

    The Eric Yow forums have pool trick shots from some of the best trick shot artists in the world!

    Our Video Matrix makes it easier to find videos. Be sure to check it out!

    Our Media section shows what we've been up to with magazines and television. The monthly articles with Poker Pro Magazine are a lot of fun!

    Our Chip Tricks forums have tips from some of the best chip trick artists in the world.

    We have many people who handle playing cards and poker chips every day so rest assured that our ratings of these products come from folks who know what they're talking about.

    This would not be a proper introduction without some history about the site. 21Ace has been around for a very long time but things started to change in 2003 when information about poker chip tricks was added. Later that year the forum was created and Shadow started coming up with ideas. Our forum and community continued to grow over time. Here we are in 2006, still growing and learning.

    Enjoy your visit here, hopefully you can become a regular part of our community. Don't forget to introduce yourself in the forums and remember to be friendly in your posts.

    If you're looking for casino action then check out Internet Slots for slots and be sure to visit Blackjack Download for blackjack information. Poker players should check out Poker Flash.


    In addition to being our forum administrator, Shadow regularly makes site announcements in his blog. Many of our regular members keep blogs here, we encourage you to check them out!


    We started our newsletter in January 2006 and it has been a lot of fun! If you are interested in contributing to our newsletter or you have questions then please send a private message to our editor, fattyonadiet.

    If you have not already signed up for our newsletter then make sure you do so now: Newsletter Signup

    We have some great tips on chip tricks and card flourishes. We also have regular poker articles by pokerfanatic. Here are some of the highlights:
  • June 2006 - Interview with Jerry Cestkowski
  • April 2006 - TheEMan's PokerStars Commercial

  • Media

    Having been mentioned in Card Player Magazine and the October 2004 Premiere issue of Bluff Magazine, we have been fortunate that major media publications recognize our work. In the April 2006 issue of World Poker Tour Magazine we did a 4 page article of various poker chip tricks. In August 2006 we started writing regular chip trick articles for Poker Pro Magazine.

    In 2006 TheEMan made a poker chip tricks commercial with PokerStars and started working on a chip tricks dvd. Rich Ferguson has many dvds in the marketplace that teach chip tricks and card flourishes.

    Our Media Section has a timeline of our history with publications.

    Playing Cards

    KEM cards are popular in casinos in part because of their durability. People purchase playing cards for different reasons and what is best for a poker player is not what is best for a magician. Magicians and Card Flourishers prefer Bicycle cards and Bee cards to KEM cards because the paper finish is better for handling than the plastic finish on KEM cards. Bicycle Cards come in all kinds of cool looking colors and variations. The Bicycle Black Tigers and Bicycle Ghosts are among my favorites. The Tally-Ho Vipers are also popular with card flourishers. Keep in mind that there is a trade off, the paper cards have a great feel to them but they do not last nearly as long as plastic KEM cards and they are not as durable. Poker chip tricks and playing card tricks are a lot of fun and we have some talented folks in our forums who enjoy sharing what they've learned. The folks in our forums talk both about the tricks themselves and about which supplies work best.

    What is a card flourish?

    New members sometimes ask what a flourish is so we had Niiro 13 put together an explanation:
    Niiro 13 wrote:
    Tricks are generally card manipulations done to create a magic effect. Changing a card from one to another would be called a trick.

    Flourishes on the other hand, are things done to cards to show skill. Things such as fanning and shooting the cards from one hand to another are flourishes. They don't do anything magical.

    Now, XCM, or Xtreme Card Manipulation is a term coined by De'vo vom Schattenreich. Because of this name, flourishes are now regarded as a name. While XCM moves fall into the definition of flourishes, they are pure displays of skill.

    A flourish to today's XCMers is a name. Flourishes are XCM moves used to enhance magic. So instead of spreading through the cards normally and asking someone to pick a card, magicians may fan the deck. Daryl's Hot Shot cut can be used to reveal a selected card. That is a flourish, though many times XCMers use it as a utility move.

    Poker Chips

    Paulson poker chips are widely regarded as the best. However, they are usually at least 1 US Dollar each and sometimes more expensive(for rare editions). Having been collection chips for years, I appreciate the high end chips like Paulson and Chipco. When I first started collecting poker chips I purchased some of the less expensive brands out there. I still believe that people shouldn't break the bank on the first chip set. Some people don't play home games often and don't carry chips around with them for chips so less expensive brands might be fine for them.

    We've reviewed just about every chip out there from the low end 11.5 gram imports to the high end Paulson and Chipcos. I urge you to take a look at our reviews and decide which chip is best for you. We've also setup some exclusive discounts with some of the biggest chip stores on the internet so be sure to take advantage of them!

    All our reviews are on a 5 star system as follows:
    1 Star Rating = Worst
    5 Star Rating = Best

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