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Evelyn Ng did not learn how to do the butterfly trick over night. Like everyone else, Evelyn Ng had to practice to get proficient with poker chip tricks. Not everyone plays poker as often as Evelyn Ng but those of us who don't can buy our own chips to practice regularly.

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Evelyn Ng Butterfly Poker Chip Trick

Evelyn Ng has a nice part in the 2004 ESPN segment entitled "The Nuts". During the segment, Evelyn Ng does several impressive tricks, the most difficult one being the Butterfly. Starting the butterfly, Evelyn Ng has 4 poker chips in one hand. The beginning of the butterfly poker chip trick is like the beginning of the 4 chip twirl trick. The middle 2 chips drop down and end up between the pinkie and the ring finger. The 2 outer poker chips remain in place between the thumb and the index finger. Evelyn Ng does the next part of the trick quickly and gracefully. She swiftly moves her middle finger towards her palm between the 2 sets of chips. This is where the difficult part of the trick begins. Evelyn Ng makes it look easy but it is a delicate balance. The middle finger goes back out and spins one of the pinkie-ring finger chips and one of the thumb-index finger chips with it. The pinkie-ring finger chip that is spun is the one closest to the palm. The thumb-index finger chip that is spun is the one FURTHEST from the palm.

My Experience in Learning Evelyn Ng's Butterfly Trick

Learning the butterfly trick was somewhat tricky at first but eventually it became easy. I practiced the butterfly every day to train my fingers to get used to the unnatural positions for the trick. It is interesting to watch the chip between the pinkie and the ring finger in the butterfly trick. This chip is the hardest one to get lined up with the others. Even though I consider myself to be pretty good at the butterfly, the last chips is sometimes inconsistent. Also, I tend to drop chips more often with the butterfly than with some of the other poker chip tricks. During the segment, Antonio the Magician does the 4 chip roll out in 2 hands. It looks similar to the butterfly but is not as difficult in my opinion.

Once I got the trick under control with my right hand I started learning on my left hand. I noticed that it was easy for me to get the 2 middle chip to drop but the other steps are harder. Moving the middle chip from the pinky-ring finger to the ring finger-middle finger can cause problems. Often times the middle finger causes these 2 chips on the pinky side to rotate forward away from their perpendicular position. On the thumb side it can be difficult to get the poker chip spacing under control. It is important to practice this poker chip trick every day because your fingers must get used to the necessary spacing required for the chips. In other words, your muscles need to be trained so that the holding of the chips becomes more natural.

Discussing Evelyn Ng's Butterfly in the Poker Chip Trick Forums

The butterfly is discussed in the forum on the following threads: http://www.21ace.com/phpBB2/forum/wsop-texas-hold-em-tourney-july-13-2004-9pm-est-256.htm
Evelyn Ng Butterfly Trick Trick Videos
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Practice Poker Chip Tricks
Repetition is key. Remember to buy your own chips and practice religiously in order to become a poker chip expert like Evelyn Ng.