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Poker Card Tricks Introduction

There are great books out there with card tricks, especially The Royal Road to Card Magic. In addtion, stores like Ellusionist have a ton of magic DVDs. In addition to these resources, there are free magic card tricks on sites like this one. We want to provide aspiring magicians easy card tricks to learn but we will not cross the line and be guilty of exposure. We want magicians to learn card tricks but we cannot reveal card tricks that are copyrighted. Don't worry, there are tons of cool card tricks that are not copyrighted. We can help you learn many of these card tricks without crossing the line into exposure.

Card Tricks Glossary

Fan Card Trick

  • The Key: Repetition. This card trick looks good when everything is smooth and there are no gaps.
  • Beware: Make sure your cards are not oily, sticky or dusty before attempting this card trick.
  • You Know You Have It When: You can do it with an end result similar to the pictures that Shadow provided on the fan card trick page.
  • More Information: Our fan card trick page has some nice photos of Shadow performing this card trick. The Fan Card Trick Pictures section of An0n's blog has tons of picture and information about the pressur fan card trick.

    Unlike some other card tricks, the fan is easy to learn but difficult to perfect. In other words, anyone can lear the fan card trick but few poeple do it well. Once you practice this card trick you'll start to see the levels of perfection. It is good to take pictures when you are starting out with this card trick and then compare them to pictures when you are further along with the trick. The card trick does not look right if the cards do not spread out evenly. The key to this trick is to keep everything smooth. Once you get the one level fan card trick down you can add multiple levels and take this card trick to a new level.

  • Russian Shuffle Poker Card Trick

  • The Key: Move the cards from one hand to another across great distances by holding the cards opposite the normal shuffling grip. In other words, have the middle of the cards concave away from the palm of your hand.
  • Beware: Do not hold the cards such that the middle of the cards are bent in towards the palm of your hand.
  • You Know You Have It When: The cards fly smoothly across quite a distance like in Shadow's video on the page.
  • More Information: Our Russian Shuffle Card Trick page has a photo of Shadow doing the trick as well as a video of him doing the card trick.

  • Flip Poker Card Trick

  • The Key: Flip all the cards in the deck multiple times after learning how to lay them out properly.
  • Beware: Take your time laying out the cards when you first learn the trick.
  • You Know You Have It When: Everything runs smoothly like in Shadow's video on the page.
  • More Information: Our Flip Card Trick page has a photo of Shadow doing the trick as well as a video of him doing the card trick.

  • Bottom Dealing Poker Card Trick

  • The Key: Cheats typically use a mechanic's grip to conceal most of the deck when they do this trick.
  • Beware: Make sure no one does this to you while playing. Insist on using a cut card on the bottom of the deck in home games.
  • You Know You Someone Might Be Doing It When: The cards make a different sound, there is a hanger card on the bottom or someone uses the mechanic's grip.

  • More Information: Our Bottom Dealing Card Trick page has more information on this trick. Specifically, it shows the basics involved.

  • Bottom Dealing in the Forum

    The Bottom deal thread in the forum discusses the bottom dealing poker card trick. Bottom dealing is one of the most common way for cheats to use card tricks against you. Here are some snippets:
    Blaze discusses the Mechanic's Grip:
    Well, the basic, Mechanic's grib. Will hid most of your hand and point the cards towards you so to conceal the card being pulled. But ofcourse this grip is a red-flag for finding a cheator. Basically the best way is to get fast. Deal just like you do normally and casually, this is usually by pushing the top card out with your thumb and grabbing it with your opposite hand. Id learn to push the bottom card out with your middle finger right before you grab it. Make it as natural as your top deal. Shouldn't take long. Then just learn to mix them up as you see fit, quicker the harder to catch.

    Watch for hangers, put as little pressure on the bottom card as possible, you dont want to pull the 2nd bottom out at all.

    CardSorcerer notes the difference between good bottom dealing and bad bottom dealing (like most card tricks, bottom dealing can be done in a way that is very obvious and it can also be done in a way that is almost impossible to detect):
    A bad bottom deal doesn't take to much practice. A good bottom deal is a huge commitment. I personally thought that it was a much more difficult move to learn than the pass.

    Card cheats and card magicians will do different types of bottom deals. What works for a magician, won't get the job done at the gamming tables. Thus I only know bottom dealing in the context of magic, since I'm a magician.

    If you want to learn to bottom deal, you are going to need to get some instructional material. I recommend Roberto Giobbi's Card College 4. He gives an excellent bottom deal that has very little finger flashing. Revolutionary card technique is also fantastic, who ever recommended that knows what they are talking about. Expert at the card table isn't bad either; however, most magicians shun erdnase grip now of days.

    Spend time choosing your grip. What grip you use will largely influence how the deal will turn out. I prefer Masters grip as is described in Revolutionary card technique. You also need to figure out if you want to learn strike bottom dealing or push off bottom dealing. With push offs, you push off the bottom card with your middle finger. With strike bottom deals, you can buckle the bottom card and thus loosen it - that is the method I prefer since there is hardly any finger flashing and you don't need to worry about hangers.

    Jim talks about getting the desired card(s) to the bottom of the deck in the first place:
    You're gonna have use either a false cut or a pass to retain the order of the deck (or in some instances just don't even cut - sounds stupid but with a little misdirection it will often go unnoticed). However, if there is no way around this and you feel confident with your card skills, you can try to learn the center deal. It is extremly difficult, but it provides a way for you to let someone else cut and not have to worry about restoring the order of the deck (and you do not have to do as much when it comes to putting the cards into order while shuffling).

    Which Poker Playing Cards Should Be Used for Card Tricks

    We talk about different types of playing cards quite a bit in our forums. Different card tricks work best with different cards. Some card tricks work well with cards that are fairly old and broken in while other tricks work best with new cards. The brand of cards can make a huge difference with card tricks. The Which Cards Do you Use thread discusses different playing cards, here are some quotes:

    dizzle likes KEM playing cards:
    I recommend the Kem plastic cards. Although they may be a bit pricey, they cannot be bent (dog-earred for marking) and will last forever (pretty much). My friend brought some over when I was hosting a game of hold-em and I fell in love with the cards because they were so easy to shuffle and to play with.

    Shadow likes Bicycle playing cards for the fan card trick:
    I am back again . I've received Bicycles today. They are quite good. They are maybe even better than plastic cards I had. These are perfect for making fans... and they are quite heavy so they are good for throwing too.

    tokkaloshman likes Bees cards:
    If your a poker player you gota go with Bees. If your not so keen on the borderless back designs then I'd recommend Bike rider back.

    Shadow discusses the hardness of cards:
    It's also a question of hardness. As far as I know Bees are harder than Bicycles and Tally-hos are hareder than Bees. So if you need soft cards then choose Bicycles and if you need extra hard card choose Tally-hos. And if you want something between them choose Bees.

    Ian Kendall has some thoughts on the matter(specifically magic card tricks):
    My personal favourite for card magic are blue backed Bicycle 808 Rider backs (calssic bikes). Since I've been getting into more false dealing and the like I have a few decks of Bees and Steamboats.

    A lot of people use Tally-Hos, but it's really a question of personal choice. If you like soft cards go for Aviators, Tallys and Bees _are_ stiffer, and Bikes are a nice compromise.

    tokkaloshman likes having old decks for events where cards are handed out. Many card tricks require that you give one or more cards to spectators so you don't want to hand out new cards for these types of card tricks:
    What do you do with you over worn decks of cards? I keep a few worn decks for springing and I also gave a deck of old bikes to my friend so he could learn the card spring Another deck of cards I stuck up on my wall so they looked as though they were flying out a picture of a top hat One other thing, it's always a good idea to hold on to a worn deck for when you need to give the cards to a spectator cos there's nothing worse than when someone messes up your brand new deck.

    TuTone mentions that when casinos sell used cards they are usually still in good condition:
    most casino's only use the cards for a short period so they are still in pretty good condition...the casino i work at they just mark the cards with markers and sell them 12 for $4...i know some casinos punch holes in them because i've had a few decks like that...they should be fine for doing most tricks though although i don't think you could throw them very well due to the hole.

    The Best Type of Card Deck and Why thread expands on what cards are best for what purpose:
    CLM likes Bikes playing cards:
    Tally Ho's are supposed to be a bit better than the bikes, but I can't tell any big difference. And the black tigers are around $10 shipped, so I guess that's out of the question..

    I'd just use bikes. They are cheap and work fine.

    MikeMan likes KEM playing cards:
    i have WPT ones, haven't opened the deck yet.

    Also, KEM cards are sweet, but expensive... They are water proof, you can wash them, blah blah balah, who doesn't know about KEM's...

    CLM enjoys the Bee Club Special Playing Cards for cut combo card tricks and multi-packet card tricks:
    I should add that my favorite card is the Bee Club Special. There is a sort of side design that looks nice for tricks, and it feels like a bike deck. It's a bit more expensive but only by a dollar per deck or so.

    I honestly didn't notice anything too stellar about the tally ho's. They did last a bit longer, but that isn't really a problem for me in the first place. They feel like Bee's and bikes.

    I recently bought a pack of bridge size bikes and I like them a lot for cut combos and multi-packet tricks because they are smaller and easier to handle. Just an opinion though.

    lazynator likes Bees playing cards better than Bikes playing cards for the riffle shuffle card trick:
    I just bought my packs of Bee's(3 packs) at Sav-On, for about 3 bucks each. They're a higher quality than bikes and are more flexible, it's easier to riffle shuffle the cards. They have a more slippery surface, which helps in strip-out shuffles. I also found out that you get more control when you are riffle stacking compared to Bikes. The pattern on the back has no border, which has its pros and its cons, such as making false deals more deceptive or making it harder to conceal cards on certain effects. I suggest you get Bee's if you practice a lot of gambling routines.

    Bee's are now my favorite brand of cards.

    Chipmaster notes that KEM playing cards are durable but maybe not the best for flourishes and card tricks:
    Dude, the kems if the worst recommendation possible. They are total garbage for any kind of flourishes or magic....they are just not meant to that type of thing. They are designed to stand up against abuse like bending and not getting saturated with sweat.

    Stick with Bikes, Tallys, or Bee's....for flourishes and manipulations.

    If you want a deck to last long in a poker game then get the Kems....although I would still prefer to just buy a new deck of Bikes every time I play....just don't really like the way the Kem type of card feels.

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